Looms Of Terror – A Look At The Movie And Its Thrilling Success

Looms Of Terror – A Look At The Movie And Its Thrilling Success

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“It’s a Halloween miracle!” you shout, as you watch the opening seconds of Michael Myers’ Halloween movie. You are hooked! From the suspense and monster tricks onscreen to the Tom Hanks voice and the sense of humor, this Halloween movie is a definite must-see for you.

In the classic horror film, Dr. Strangelove, Jack Lemmon plays the title role. When World War II ends and the peace treaty is signed, both the US and Russia send a delegation to the Bahamas to ratify the pact. After the meeting, Jack Lemmon’s character drops his bomb – he sends a message to the Soviet Union warning them of an impending attack on America by the German military. The US military station in the Bahamas is quickly evacuated and the movie begins with General George S. Patton’s troops marching across the beach with tanks and bomb shelters in tow. The parade includes hundreds of soldiers dressed in their dress uniforms, which include a number of Navy nurses. Then, out of nowhere, the German soldiers come out of the woodwork, machine guns blazing, and the suspense of what might happen next can be seen clearly in the background.

After the suspense, the credits run with some well chosen and memorable music from the original German trailer (which you can always rewind and watch again to hear the audio) and then the movie ends with another great montage showing the US troops manning the trenches, preparing to face the German soldiers. So, it seems that Dr. Strangelove had a lot of inspiration for its German war theme. It is a shame that it did not receive the acceptance it deserves from the German government or the United States government as a legitimate work. Instead, it was banned in both countries. But don’t give up just yet. In fact, with the availability of the home video release of Dr. Strangelove, you can now enjoy this funny classic all over again.

Now, if you are one of those people who do not like the crazy conspiracy theories and World War II metaphors that are present in this movie, then you may not like what I have to say about the lack of symbolism in this one. The entire theme of Dr. Strangelove revolves around the Cold War and the paranoia that goes along with it. Thus, while the plot shows the war room in the United States where the US president, Secretary of State, General Douglas MacPherson, and his staff prepare for war with the Soviet Union, the film shows the paranoia of Americans at large. As if wanting to fathom how irrational citizens can become when there is actually a war, the film shows them preparing to attack the Soviet Union using everything from atom bombs to sushi as weapons of mass destruction. It’s an interesting double-blurring of reality that was bound to happen with a war that was supposedly about between the superpowers.

Some claim that Dr. Strangelove is one of the best war movies ever made, but I tend to disagree. It is certainly one of the most interesting films in history, but there are many more that come close. In fact, Looms is one of my favorite films, and its success has led to a number of similar movies. When discussing the subject of which films are the greatest, some other names you might want to mention include Lawrence Of Arabia, The Thin Red Line, and Jaws. Looms is on a par with the other great war comedies of the era, but it fails to reach the heights of those other films.

Overall, Looms is a fantastic film. If you have never seen it, you should definitely add it to your list of movies to watch on Halloween night this year. Also, if you have seen it, you know that Looms is one of the best war films of all time!

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