Marketing Mix Changes For Local Small Businesses

Marketing Mix Changes For Local Small Businesses

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Any company which offers goods or services directly to a local market is often considered a local business. Often denoted by the term, “side business,” a local business may be either a sole proprietorship, a corporation, or a limited liability company with multiple outlets operating within a given area. A large number of local businesses are start-up companies or new entrants into the marketplace. Starting a local business requires careful planning and consideration of several important factors.

One of the most important considerations for any local business is its product or service offerings. No matter how well planned and presented, if the products or services offered do not appeal to the local consumers, no amount of marketing or advertising will produce a return. For example, although some small businesses have chosen to use “points” based sales to reward consumers who purchase their goods at a certain place or time, other local businesses have chosen to adopt other promotional techniques, such as “shop on” and “eat first” promotions.

Another important consideration for any local business considering a formalized marketing plan is the local business owner’s skills and experience in marketing and advertising. Even the most experienced of small business owners need to periodically evaluate and review their advertising and marketing strategies. For example, if a business owner plans to use point-of-purchase promotions, he or she needs to determine how effective those promotions will be in a particular area.

Another important consideration for any local business seeking a promotional strategy is the company’s target customer. Different kinds of products or services appeal to different types of customers. An attorney or massage therapist, for example, might not find great appeal in selling dry cleaning to mothers. An auto mechanic might be better served by talking to potential customers about the benefits of purchasing new cars, rather than introducing massage therapy.

The Internet has opened up many opportunities for local small businesses. However, the Internet also has the potential to make marketing mix changes that can hurt or benefit small businesses. One way the Internet can change the mix of marketing approaches is by making marketing easier. The Internet makes it possible for small businesses to reach potential customers around the country, rather than across the country. Online venues provide small businesses with more exposure and, therefore, a greater opportunity to meet new customers and build new customer relations.

Many large firms rely heavily on media exposure, including newspaper advertisements, television commercials, billboards and radio and TV shows. While this can sometimes be helpful, it has the tendency to attract people who are only interested in what the large firms are selling. It takes a lot of work and research to find new, untapped markets, which means that many small businesses have had to endure long periods of lost clients due to the large numbers of people who would only see their ads in the media. As more small businesses begin to explore the Internet, they will discover that it can help their business grow significantly.

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