Marketing Mix For Small Businesses

Marketing Mix For Small Businesses

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There is a growing trend amongst small businesses in America for them to “be local” and “sell locally.” Local businesses are corporations who provide products and services to their local community. Local businesses are vital to a community’s economic growth as they create direct employment and sales tax income, and also benefit from the property and sales taxes passed on by the various towns and cities in which they operate.

In some instances, small businesses have used direct mail marketing (with direct mailing coupon packages) or traditional media advertising to promote and grow their customer base. However, not all local businesses choose this method. Some local businesses choose to rely on conventional advertising techniques with television, radio, etc. While this type of advertising does reach a certain segment of the population, it is generally not targeted towards the type of customer that would be most interested in a particular product or service. A better choice for most local businesses would be to look at the opportunities available through e-marketing programs such as email marketing campaigns, telemarketing, and affiliate marketing programs.

Email marketing allows a business owner to reach directly into the mind and heart of a potential customer. By anticipating the questions that an individual may have about the product or service, a business owner can tailor his or her message to answer those questions and give the customer more information. This type of personalized interaction is key to a successful e-business model. Traditional media advertising, while still important, does not allow a business owner the ability to directly engage with its audience.

Telemarketing is also another great way to reach potential customers. Selling a massage chair to a small town may be fun. However, it would not be nearly as fun as selling to a small town with a high number of single men and women. In order to attract these individuals, a business owner could opt to promote the benefits of owning a massage chair to those individuals who are most likely to be interested in purchasing one. In this manner, an email would be sent to potential customers, asking them if they would be interested in owning a massage chair.

Affiliate marketing is another marketing mix that has proven to be successful for many small businesses. By choosing to partner with an online company that sells products related to your own, such as books or videos, you can increase the number of exposure that your product has and improve the odds that someone will buy it. This type of advertising also tends to yield the highest return on investment, due to the lower costs associated with employing it.

The United States is a great place for small businesses. If these types of businesses wish to flourish and expand in the state, they should explore all of the options available to them. While there may be certain areas of the country that seem to work well for these businesses, there are others that they may want to consider expanding into. It is up to each individual business owner to decide what course of action will be best in achieving their goals.

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