Men’s Guide to Business Casual Clothes

Men’s Guide to Business Casual Clothes

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Business casual is a ambiguous term, often described as smart casual dress code with elements of a smart white-collar workplace casual, sometimes interpreted as business casual dress but with key elements of a formal lounge suit. But many businesswomen, especially those who work in global business environment, where business casual dress codes are constantly evolving, tend to blend the two and come up with a “clean casual” business casual dress code, which can include smart suits, skirts, and even blouses, t-shirts, and casual shoes. It is also seen that this business casual code is being slowly adopted by office ladies in their lunch break attire.

A business professional, in this chapter, will need to consider various facets of the business casual dress code. He should have a basic knowledge on what business casual means, when is it applicable, how to maintain the said dress code, and other important factors. With these in mind, he will be able to effectively deal with situations when it comes to making a professional impression in a business environment.

The most obvious difference between business casual and business professional attire is the fact that business casual clothing is much less formal than business professional attire. There are no ties, no jacket, and no socks. This attire is less formal in nature, but does not mean that it cannot make a lasting professional impression. If you want to impress your colleagues, you can do so by choosing business casual clothing that is less formal yet still stylish enough to give off a professional image.

Another thing that many people forget in dressing business casual is to think about the shoes. Wearing shoes that perfectly match your dress shirt or trouser is important. In fact, it may even be best to wear the exact same shoes that you usually wear when attending formal functions just in case your outfit will not allow you to wear a more conventional shoe.

You may also want to consider your belt when it comes to business casual dress. Many people forget about belts because they believe that they do not need them when wearing less formal clothing. However, when you are working in an environment where you are expected to be more practical, you will want to make sure that you wear a belt to make sure that you can keep your shirt tucked in place and that you can avoid getting your pants caught up in your shirt. Your belt should be the same color as your shirt; for example, if you are wearing a blue shirt, you would not want to wear a red belt. It is always important to make sure that the color of the belt matches the color of your shirt or vice versa.

Finally, when it comes to wearing business casual clothes, you need to remember that it is perfectly fine to get a little creative. It is not necessary that you follow the same dress codes as your colleagues. If you have a unique sense of fashion, then you can show that fact by wearing a brightly colored necktie that is in contrast with the color of your jacket or trousers. You can also add a colorful scarf to your already stylish hair, which will make you look even more exciting.

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