Michael Jackson in the New “Lion King” Teaches Us About Fairy Tales

Michael Jackson in the New “Lion King” Teaches Us About Fairy Tales

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The US Movie industry is in need of a new icon after the death of Walt Disney. Will we see the same faces as before or the fresh faces of 2019? Some people have been calling for a rebirth of the Disney Empire, but some other people think that we just got to old cheese. Are we now to the point where there are too many derivative works of Disney and they need to be relegated to history? Well, let us wait and see.

The latest trailer for Disney’s tent pole movie, “The Lion King”, made waves when it finally hit the theaters. Some were not sure that it lived up to the original and other people loved it while others thought that it was a complete disaster. I always thought that a sequel of “The Lion King” would make sense only if it is a live-action version of the animated film, but then I saw something about the leading characters. Could “The Lion King” be the first of the new dopplegangers for Disney’s next installment of its animated hit list?

What will we next see from Disney after the success of “The Lion King”? One possibility is that the studio will produce a spin-off of the popular “Frozen” series. The story revolves around a young prince who lives with his Ice Queen mother in a kingdom that is ruled over by a evil queen. The Ice Queen wants her son to learn about her heritage so that he can kill her someday. The story goes that when the young prince sneaks out to meet with his friends, he is accidentally transformed into an animal and is sent on an adventure to find a way to transform back. He does this by following two different characters, the wily acrobat Hans and the wise councilor Lyra who want to help him.

While most of us have forgotten what the late Michael Connelly’s name was, his contribution as one of the co-directors of “The Lion King” has been widely acknowledged. He also served as a producer on the film, and his credits include the scores of both the original “Lion King” as well as its sequel “The Emperor’s New Groove.” If anything, it seems as though he is back on his creative toes with this new venture. Perhaps that is a good thing, considering the man’s contributions to both the original film as well as the subsequent animated versions. If there is any doubt as to why he should return to the world of horror film, look no further than “The Lion King” for the answer.

Who will be the stars of the new “Lion King” that Walt Disney will be producing? The lead role will likely go tooukou “Drake” Wallace who just happens to be the son of Shrek and Fiona. The role of the evil White Witch was played byobicque “Norman Bates” from the Twilight movies. Both actors are fresh on their feet in terms of acting, which is always a good sign. This leads us to our next topic, which is the potential for doppelgangers in the upcoming “Lion King” sequel.

The story of the first film “Lion King” featured the story of a vicious lion that was chained up and forced to wander through a forest. While doing so, he encountered a band of fairy-tale characters that he fell in love with. What was supposed to be a happy ending soon became muddled by the darker undertones of the story. That confusion led to a successful sequel where the Disney Company took the story and changed it into a feature-length film. That new version has already proven very popular among children and adults alike.

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