Murder on the Beach – Starring John Caine, Dan Aykroyd, and Mildred Harris

Murder on the Beach – Starring John Caine, Dan Aykroyd, and Mildred Harris

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If you have ever been excited by an old movie you have seen in the theater you know how important it is to preserve the memories of this movie so that future generations can enjoy them. A recent thriller about a group of young adults on an exotic tropical vacation who find out that the beach they are staying at is somehow shrinking causing them to rapidly age rapidly shrinking their lives from a week long vacation into just a short time. While the tropical island paradise they had been enjoying is about to become a deserted paradise as their only remaining friend decides to run off with her share of the fortune. This news causes the young adults to scramble trying to get a rental car and find out how they will be able to get to their next adventure before their time expires.

This news inspires the young adults to rent a bus and go exploring searching for a destination. They arrive at their destination only to find a group of muscular, powerful men who are walking through the sand dunes looking for something. They proceed to give the newcomers a tour of the beach resort and as they reach the top of the hill they notice two figures laying on the ground having some kind of argument. One of the men passes the object of their interest and they continue on their way.

Shortly after making it to the top of the mountain the muscular stranger suddenly falls off the edge and breaks his leg. With the help of his badly injured leg the young mans friend makes his way to the resort and tells the resort manager what has happened. Brenden returns to the scene of the accident and reveals that he had been trying to avoid a mob of beach hangers that had been following him all over the island. He had tried to sneak into their beach motel in the hopes of getting away unnoticed but when he arrived he discovered that all the hangers were locked and scared stiff. Before Brenden can make a complete recovery he falls off the edge of the mountain. Unable to continue the search for clues he decides to call the hotel manager who makes him a tour manager.

The next morning Brenden is on his way to work when he receives a call from one of the resort managers telling him that there has been an attempted murder on the beach. The owner of the hotel had fired on the crowd with his air-to-air missile and killed several individuals. When the news gets out it quickly spreads throughout the island.

One of the suspects released from the island is a man called Shyamalan who lives on the beach. Brenden goes to visit Shyamalan who happens to live on the wrong side of the island. The two fight and Shyamalan retreats to his hideout. Brenden finally convinces the resort manager to let him interview Shyamalan. During the interview he finds out that he is the culprit behind the attempted murder and that he is also a suspect in other strange disappearances. Meanwhile Brenden continues to investigate the beach and learns that the evil pharmaceutical executive is linked to the crime.

Aboard the Costa Cruises ship “Old Spirit” a pharmacist named Dr. Johnson tries to help the captain find the best remedy to cure his staph infection. Meanwhile, two other passengers are also linked in their strange cases. One of the victims is a woman by the name of Pamela Smith and the other woman is identified as Ida Blankins who had disappeared while on vacation at one of the Caribbean resort islands. This is just an introduction to this exciting and graphic novel and I can assure you that you will not regret picking up this great book.

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