My Old Movie Memories

My Old Movie Memories

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There are few things more thrilling to an adult than to watch old movies. Some of my earliest memories of viewing a classic were watching reruns of old movies on television. I would often laugh at the way the actors on the screen had aged. Often the reactions of my friends were mixed, but mostly they just laughed at how ridiculous it all looked to me.

For someone like me growing up in the 80’s, old movie favorites included: “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Gidget”, “Lolita” and many others. My favorite actor in that era was Edward Scissorhands. Who wouldn’t want to live life as a fairy godmother? I always felt a very strong connection with the beautiful young ladies in those movies. And of course, any time there was a villain in a movie (usually a bad guy), my heart would skip a beat every time.

I still get nightmares about what might have been. I can still remember one particular movie from that era that was very disturbing to me. It was “The Strip Club”, and starred Billy Crystal as a bumbling, yet sleazy old man who frequented a strip club (yes, like the real thing!). The main story line was how he ended up at the club having an affair with a waitress.

That movie is so cheesy now that it is hard to find someone who likes it. But my favorite scene is Billy Crystal’s entrance into the strip club… “Where have you been all your life?” Yes indeed, that Billy Crystal. He is the greatest. Now that I have my old VHS tapes, I will make a mental note and put it up on eBay.

Another movie that I loved when I was a kid was “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. I loved this movie for many reasons, one of which was the great voice of Tim Matheson. He has an older, slightly stuporous voice, which made him even more charming. The old Roger Rabbit would be proud to know that Matheson did not consider him merely an actor. He was in fact a much better actor than he was on stage!

Maybe someday we will learn more about old movie treasures like the ones described above. We already know that they hold a strange power over us even today. If I were able to obtain a copy of “Million Dollar Baby”, I could show it to my daughter and she could not stop laughing for joy! Of course, when I show her the old movie to her she would tear her hair out! Talk about priceless!

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