Mystery of the Old Video Tape (Movie Review)

Mystery of the Old Video Tape (Movie Review)

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The discovery that a couple of old movies clippings in the attic and a dusty old VHS tape with an old timer’s voice telling of the old movie clippings has the couple investigating the site of their friend Jack Holloway’s old house. Finding out that the clippings and the old videotape have the same garish color scheme and that it is haunted by the entity of an old man that used to live there, the lovers decide to investigate further. However, what they do not know is that this haunting can only be stopped if they get help from the one person in their life who was closest to them: their friend and actress Jennifer Aniston!

“Mystery of the Old Video Tape” by Kevin Peppers is based on the true story of two young women living in Manhattan Beach, California. A thriller which takes place around Halloween, “Mystery of the Old Video Tape” follows the mischievous antics of teenage girl Jessica and her best friend and neighbor, Sarah. These two girls become stranded in a house after the owner is suddenly murdered. They discover a secret room in the attic, containing an old video tape, which contains a series of bizarre clips of ghosts, monsters, and a very peculiar French maid. The only clues leading to the location of the secret room are the pictures of the bodies of the victims and the color code used for the videotapes; pink and white.

The next day, the girls decide to investigate the murder using the help of their high school science teacher, Mr. Patrick Peppers. But instead of finding conclusive evidence of a murder, they come across something even more sinister. Arriving at the scene after the bodies were drained, the girls find a note from the deceased, which states that he wanted to thank them for helping him dispose of his last unused stock of the evil pharmaceutical, “Vitamin C”. When the headless, skeleton-like body in the attic falls to the floor, Sarah realizes that this is the same thing that her neighbor, Mr. Peppers, had told them about earlier.

Now, both girls must work together to solve the mystery before it is solved… or at least until the police show up. I don’t know how realistic the story is (isn’t it just a kids’ movie?) but this doesn’t take away from the overall fun and entertainment value of “Mystery of the Old Video Tape”. The acting is well done, with some really funny one-liners popping up at times. Some other memorable characters include the evil pharmaceutical executive, the police detective, and the local news anchor girl.

Bottom Line: “Mystery of the Old Video Tape” is a fun little movie with entertaining dialogue and fantastic set design. If you like your movies a little odd, or a little off the wall, this is one film that will appeal to you. With plenty of slapstick comedy and a fast pace, Mystery of the Old Video Tape is a definite must-see movie…

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