“National Lampoon’s Animal House” Starring George Clooney and Steve Martin Review

“National Lampoon’s Animal House” Starring George Clooney and Steve Martin Review

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The other day I was talking to a gentleman about the old movie “HP.” He told me that he had seen the old one multiple times and was a huge fan. Well, I had not yet seen it so I asked him if I could see it. Of course, he said no. But I asked if there were any plumbers or some sort of evil pharmaceutical executive in the movie that might have gotten into some sort of trouble with the authorities.

Well, he said “No,” and then looked at me like I was nuts. I then asked him why he would think that. He said that the film was made in 1984 and he thought that there were some really bad plumbers in it that the movie was based on. I know that there were a few but I didn’t remember them.

Okay so let’s talk about this old movie “HP.” I love the story line, I love the chemistry between Steve Martin and George Clooney, and I especially like the entire concept of the character, “HP.” So then, who is this evil pharmaceutical executive? And how did “HP” fail at its goal to destroy all hope for mankind?

Well, the movie itself is about a group of pharmaceutical engineers who develop a new virus that can turn people into walking zombies. This virus is sent to the United States in the package of a Chinese businessman. But instead of killing all the Chinese people in the movie, the virus infects only one out of eight people. So they kill all the remaining people, keeping only the one man as a slave. Oh yeah, and the movie ends with the remaining nine humans walking along the coastline of the United States.

So in this movie, the evil pharmaceutical executive played by Clooney turns into a vampire and starts attacking other people. The only problem is, the government and other groups of evil pharmaceutical executives are preventing him from doing his evil plans. However, the hero of the movie, a young American, struggles against his poverty and his lack of experience to battle this vampire. I thought the movie was pretty good, although it occasionally had boring dialogue and non-existent plot. But it was always fun to watch Steve Martin and George Clooney do their comedy acting chops, and hopefully other actors follow their lead in future movies.

This is the third part of a very long series of movies based on the works of American author Mark Twain (some of which have never been made into real films). It would have been nice to have kept the story more on the serious side and not have them lampooning every other element of society in this film. In a way, it is just like the first two installments of the series; the old man gets bit and he becomes the monster, but this time around the monster seems to be taking over the country instead. Maybe it will be even better when the entire cast and crew of the Twilight saga return to the big screen!

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