New Mutants – The Untold Story of the “New Mutants”

New Mutants – The Untold Story of the “New Mutants”

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The Chinese dissimilarities and the US movie industry’s dependence on foreign talent has long been a bone of contention between Washington and Beijing. A new documentary sheds some light on this relationship between Hollywood and the Chinese government as well as between the Chinese communist government and its own citizens. While the Chinese communist government does not wish to alienate its citizens, it also does not wish to alienate Hollywood either. Recently, there have been some reports that the Chinese government is reviewing some of its bilateral trade agreements with the US, including the one for the movie industry.

The film industry has been in talks with the Chinese government about producing a horror film called ” Tibetan Witch” starring Jessica Chastain and Natalie Portman. The Chinese are very excited about this idea since it will be an English-language remake of a Chinese movie called “Wanted: Chinese Spy.” The plot of the film concerns a young Chinese girl (Chastain) who is kidnapped and secretly forced to work in a laboratory as a spy for the Chinese government. The Chinese government wants to use her to get information out about how their citizens are enjoying themselves during the late 1970s revolution and how the US government used illegal activities to disrupt China’s market. “Tribal Witch” will supposedly star Portman alongside Anne Hathaway, Jade Jagger, Willow Shields, Julia Roberts, Selma Chan, Yul Brynner, Mike Myers, and Kurt Russell.

It appears as though the Chinese are looking for a modern day version of “Titanic.” Will the Chinese government produce another horror film based on the iceberg disaster? Will they use “Titanic” as the backdrop for a US remake? Most film executives think so. Some insiders say that they are hoping that the Chinese will be interested in the idea for a remake because they would like to see the US treated like a third world country with the Chinese being the first to be rich.

Another rumor going around is that “Tribal Witch” actress Jing Li will play the role of Nyong’zi in ” 2021 horror film.” This could be a reference to “The Monkey Cage” which starred Whoopi Goldberg. “Nyong’zi” is the name of the sorceress in “The Monkey Cage.” Could “Jing Li” be the new “Mani?” Who knows?

“Tribal Witch” has a script by Dee Reeser, who is well known for her writing on “X-Men: The New Mutants.” She is also an assistant writer for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” If anyone has ever watched “X-Men: The New Mutants,” you know Reeser’s influence on that series. She wrote a story for that show that featured several X-Men characters including Storm, Jean Grey, Jubilee, and Beast. I read an interview with Reeser where she discussed the possibility of doing a movie starring some of the older X-Men such as Storm and Wolverine. Hopefully that will happen in the next few years.

One of the biggest questions that remains to be answered in the “Wolverine” movie is whether Charles Xavier will appear. Some people think he will not, while others are sure they will. I have a hard time seeing how the character of Charles Xavier, who is an artificial human being, could be brought into a ” Mutant Leader” role. I hope Fox lets me be the one to say it.

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