Old Movies – A List of Top Five Favorite Old Movies

Old Movies – A List of Top Five Favorite Old Movies

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When I was growing up in the 80’s there were not many movies I would recommend for my personal best friends and that is why I have decided to create this collection. This is a list of seven of my favorite old movies from the past that I will never forget. The first one that comes to mind is Reefer, starring Steve McQueen, James bond and Anne Bonny and Mary Boos. This is a classic movie that has a lot of heart.

In this movie, a girl ( Anne Bonny and Mary Boos) decide to rob a bank and come across a rather unstable lady who likes to hang out at the bank wearing a fascinator and a fedora hat. As they are leaving with the money the woman tries to poison them but Steve McQueen gets knocked out of the bank with the money and recovers. He then tells his boss that he has information the woman had been trying to get out and that he needs to tell the head of the bank they have a missing link.

Another movie that must be on this list is Grease, starring Billy Crystal and Celine Dion. This movie was so popular it actually had a remake with another girl, Paula Abdul. This is a great movie and an all time favorite. It is definitely one of those shows you should see. It stars Crystal and Dion as the two best friends who always get into trouble. I especially love the part where Crystal almost gets killed by her own boyfriend, Michael Jackson.

Of course I must include Diner, which is one of my all time favorites as well as one of Bill Murray’s films. This movie is probably more about the funny man than it is about the film itself and that is a good thing. It is a very entertaining film with great comedy acting. One interesting thing about this movie is Murray’s character constantly drinking coffee during the day and by the end of the movie he was completely addicted to the substance. On the other hand, Bill Murray’s character in Blue Dragon is a man who drinks a lot of wine and by the end of the film he was totally sober.

Of course we must not forget one of the most popular of the old movies on this list, The Goonies. This movie was just as much fun as it was sad. The Goonies is about three children who move into a new home in an alternate universe and must deal with buccaneers. It is definitely a classic and entertaining movie.

There are many other old movies that you may not have even heard of. Some of them include Rebel Without a Cause, King Joe (yes it is actually King Joe). There is also My Fair Lady, Meet the Parents, The Bodyguard, When Harry Met Sally, Goodfellas and more. As you can see there are many that you could choose from and enjoy. Just make sure you are watching the right movie at the right time.

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