Old Movies – Top 3

Old Movies – Top 3

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For those of you old enough to remember, The Beverly Hills Hotel was just a normal hotel. The exterior was fine and everything looked nice. We went in and out of the main reception area and the service was fine, but something about the interior left a lasting impression for me. A few moments ago I was sitting in the lobby with my wife and we were just looking around for something to do, when we hear this voice say; “Mr. Peppers, The Queen is waiting for you at the hotel.” I quickly turn around and see three men dressed in full battle regalia, bearing the logo of a fictional comic book villain I had never heard of named Doctor Evil.

What exactly was going on? I asked one of the attendants and she told me that The Queen was an evil pharmaceutical executive and that she was there to “querge the evil drug manufacturers” (as if we needed any more reminders how evil pharmaceuticals are). The Queen then proceeds to assault Peppers, sending him reeling backwards into the reception area. Two of the henchmen grab him and lift him into her arms, while another operative dressed as a sexy mermaid removes his heart. They all appear to be heading for a good time, but I can’t help but think about the old evil movie, The Princess of Mars.

Anyway, back to the movie. After The Queen attacks Peppers, he hallucinates that he’s The Queen. He orders the henchmen to kill off everyone in the building, including our friendly receptionist. Our good guy doctor tries to stop the henchmen, but they’re too powerful and he has no choice but to shoot them.

As one of the henchmen slowly dies, another suddenly jumps out from behind him and engages him in a sword fight. Before any of us can blink, the evil pharmaceutical executive is impaled with a fork through the chest and dies. This was a good old, fun, action-packed old movie. One that would make an interesting modern movie.

If you want to get more into the old movie genre, you could definitely do a lot worse than watch Rosemary’s Baby. Starring in this classic horror film is Edward Cullen, who may not have already won an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Movie. This is definitely an old movie that’s well worth the time and effort.

Of course, this list could just be a compilation of some of my personal favorite horror movies from the past. It’s not every day that movies like The Shining, Exorcism, Rosemary’s Baby and Exorcism are made. But I love them… and I’m sure you do to. I don’t think The Exorcism of Emily Rose qualifies as a horror movie (it was obviously more comedy), but it’s certainly a classic. If you’re into old horror films and want to see a few that I enjoy, make your way online. There are plenty of websites dedicated to the great horror genre.

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