“Old Time Rock and Roll” Movie Review

“Old Time Rock and Roll” Movie Review

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High school junior Joel Goodsen always knew he wanted to own his own business someday, but growing up in poverty and living with a single mother on a fixed income forced him to hold back on his dreams. When his parents leave for vacation for just a couple of days, high school junior Joel Goodsen ( tom cruise) completely abandons all hopes of achieving success. He trades his favorite clothes, toys, video games, and the family car for a brand new Lexus SC. Reluctant to do anything other than watch his friends enjoy themselves, Joel buys a new boat and heads out to Miami with plans of starting a lucrative enterprise. But when a night out at a strip club goes horribly wrong, Joel’s life is upside down and he must struggle to keep his balance while trying to run the business.

Sporting the scars of his last get-together with a group of college friends, bitter old timer,aced with guilt, Joel Goodson (Cruise) travels across country in search of the woman he loves. After bumping into a much older lady (anne de Cala), he decides to give her one last try before permanently dating a fellow student from his school, Miguel (Joe Mantegna). After some initial difficulties, Joel learns that his old friend, T.J. (Philip Seymour Hoffman) has hired an illegal locksmith to help him break into an estate owned by Goodson’s deceased grandmother, aunt, and mentor, Florence Goodson (Sara Cassetti).

Now, Goodson must compete with the very experienced and wily “Miguel” for the affections of the perpetually youthful “Florence”. Meanwhile, Goodson’s parents, irritated at their son’s recklessness, plan to travel to Florida to help him overcome his addiction. Everything goes smoothly until they run into a herd of Seminole Indians (led by none other than the aforementioned “Goodson”) led by Chief Rattlesnake (Eli Park), who capture the family. Now the pressure is on the reluctant couple to get their son help before the chief has them either killed or transformed into a creature looking like both a wolf and a girl. Meanwhile, Goodson must reconcile with the other characters from his past, including his deceased love interest, Rebecca (Emma Stone). The movie’s most interesting subplot involves the fact that Goodson has formed a secret relationship with the woman of his dreams, although she proves to be anything but that.

One of the reasons this movie works is because it’s not just a story about high stakes, dangerous business; it’s also a story about people coming together to find out that they have more in common than what they thought. In other words, although Goodson and Miguel are placed in a situation that could easily kill them, they learn something about each other that changes the course of their lives. It also provides some laughs, which is often absent in animated films. In terms of the plot, the best thing that saves the movie is its excellent screenplay, which provides for an easygoing but suspenseful watch.

One of the things that makes “Old Time Rock and Roll” a very enjoyable viewing is that director Robert Wise uses a format that keeps most of the content coming up to the end, even when there are several laugh out loud moments. This way, Wise maintains the momentum of the story, as he alternates between humorous sequences and emotional ones. Wise’s sense of humor comes through in the way that he utilizes long takes, and these help make “Old Time Rock and Roll” a fun watch. Another highlight is that the entire movie is presented in split-length montages. Most movies these days are filmed in long, drawn-out one-shot forms, but in this one, Wise opts for an unusual approach that works quite well.

Overall, “Old Time Rock and Roll” is a fantastic film that will make many fans happy, while also providing those who didn’t see it to finally discover what made it so special. If you haven’t seen it, then “Old Time Rock and Roll” is definitely one night you need to add to your film list. It’s worth the time and money, and I know you will love it. Just like the old song says, “This is a risky business…” You’ll be glad you saw this one! (Movie: Old Time Rock and Roll)

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