Picking The Right Business Suit To Wear

Picking The Right Business Suit To Wear

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A business suit is typically a pair of clothing consisting of a jacket, often buttoned up in the front, and dark pants, or khakis. It was originally thought to be casual wear in modern Western society, when all of the same clothing, made from the same fabric, with a matching collared shirt, necktie, dress pants, and dress shoes were considered casual attire. However, in more formal environments such as church, dinner, or corporate events the exact opposite may be true. Church and business dress codes dictate that ladies should wear skirts and dresses, while men are expected to wear suits. Additionally, business clothing is often worn to work in a more corporate environment, because formal attire can be worn at work. However, the current trend for working in an office or business environment is leaning towards lighter clothing, with more relaxed office dress codes being in place.

There are several things to consider when choosing a business suit. First, ladies that are wearing a fitted jacket or sweater, without buttons, would not be considered business suit material. The jacket should be completely closed, as this is considered a formal wear and must have some sort of closure. Additionally, the suit jacket must not be too loose, as this can cause discomfort while working in the cold.

In addition to the jacket and pants, the other main item needed to create a business suit, the waistcoat, is optional. Women need to decide if they want to wear a two-piece suit, or a three-piece suit which consists of a waistcoat, vest, dress pants, and blouse. Two-piece suits are traditional business suits, as they are usually made of a lighter fabric, such as cotton. The one-piece or layered style, however, may be favored if he or she needs to appear slimmer or if he or she does not want to have to wear a coat or blouse under a business suit. The waistcoat, on the other hand, is worn underneath a blazer which is what provides the basic structure for a business suit.

The trousers and jacket have to match perfectly to create a proper business suit. One must not choose a pair that is too light, as it will make him look like he is wearing shorts instead of a business suit. If the trouser is too tight, it will also be unflattering. Another thing to note when making a choice is the length of the jacket. Men with a short jacket seem to always look their best.

Men should always look at the color of the business attire when picking a suit to wear for meetings, company events, conferences or social gatherings. Dark colors are always associated with professional attire, such as a dark blue business suit. Women, meanwhile, prefer colors such as white or light pink, which could be considered stylish for a women’s business attire. These colors can be worn to professional events or to a cocktail party, depending on the preference.

For formal occasions, the business suits come with a coat, which is another important aspect of this type of clothing. Typically, men will pick out a waistcoat that is dark in color and fits them snugly, while ladies will opt for lighter hued ones. It is suggested that women go for the same size of coat as men, unless they are big-chested, in which case they should try to choose one that is smaller.

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