Preparing For Your Minimalist Lifestyle

Preparing For Your Minimalist Lifestyle

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So what does a minimalist lifestyle mean? For some it includes not having much clutter in their house; for other’s minimalist lifestyle includes having extremely minimal possessions in their house and also not indulging in too much consumption of unnecessary items. Basically, a Minimalist life means different things to each person so it really depends on whom you ask! Some Minimalists choose the extreme by completely ruling out all non-essential items in their life, declaring that all unnecessary stuff is a burden. These types of people live in clutter-filled, cluttered basements or garages. Their philosophy is based on the “less is more” principle, which means that the less stuff you own, the more stuff you can have and the more freedom you will have.

A Minimalist lifestyle can mean different things to various people, but the purpose behind it is the same: by owning less, you are less bound to cause environmental damage or harm to others. For instance, I use a white kitchenaid stand mixer with a silver bowl, so when I am entertaining I don’t have to worry about my guests seeing the silverware, and it helps me distract them as I whip up my favorite desserts and deserts. By removing the unnecessary items from your life, you will be able to focus on the important things, such as cooking, cleaning, and sharing. When you add intentional distraction, you are able to think clearly, enjoy life, and enjoy the experience of everyday living.

Many Minimalists consider that when you own minimal possessions it is not a handicap, but rather an opportunity to improve your quality of life. By reducing the amount of possessions you have, you become more aware of how much you truly need, and when you are in reality not consuming enough, you will be able to make changes and adjustments to your lifestyle that will help you reduce the need for unnecessary possessions. For instance, some Minimalists only own a few necessary items, such as a refrigerator, a microwave, a dining table, a bookcase, a toothbrush holder, and some clothes. Others go even further, choosing to live in a small apartment or a studio if possible. By doing so, they are able to live below their means, yet still maintain all of the same luxuries they enjoyed in their previous homes.

Freedom is a key element for minimalist lifestyles, especially for those who want to rid themselves of the fast-paced chaos of the city. Through a minimalist lifestyle, you can live in peace and harmony with yourself and the world around you. One of the first steps to freeing yourself is to clear out any excess clutter. By removing unnecessary objects from your home, you are freeing up space in your mind where you can begin to live in harmony with your environment, and eventually become a minimalist in true sense.

Although it may seem like a daunting task at first, giving up your possessions for a week or two and living a minimalist life for one day will give you a much needed wake-up call, forcing you to look at your situation and make a decision as to whether or not this type of lifestyle is for you. Once you’ve made the decision that this type of lifestyle is for you, there are a few other things you can do to prepare for this event, such as making sure you shop for bargains during the week and preparing in advance for the move. Another great way to get rid of any excess stress before starting your new minimalist lifestyle is to set aside one day every week to complete one of your goals, such as getting rid of the clutter in your home.

Decluttering your home is one of the easiest ways to prepare yourself for your new minimalist lifestyle. By decluttering, that means getting rid of everything that you don’t need, taking out any extra trash and organizing your belongings into an efficient filing system. Once this is done, it’s time to start planning your moves, which usually involves finding a local place that will rent you a furnished apartment for a week or two, and then finding a place to stay for that brief period of time. A good way to go about decluttering is to start with the decluttering of your home and once you’ve gotten through that, you can move on to planning your moves.

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