“Rebecca” is a Risky Business – Watch This Movie

“Rebecca” is a Risky Business – Watch This Movie

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When high school junior Joel Goodsen ( tom cruise) gets away from his parents for a couple of days, high school prodigy, teen idol and self-made millionaire, Joel Goodsen trades in his parental home for some cheap dates with young women. However, an attempt at getting a date goes horribly wrong when a pimp tries to steal money from a rich old man’s wallet. When the pimp’s girl friend decides to try and get more money out of Joel, the two of them become enemies. Out of rage, Joel sets out to get the girl, while also trying to run the brothel.

This movie had the ability to make me laugh out loud several times, which is why I feel like this is one of the better comedies. The movie takes a lot of its elements from other successful films, but never does it make it obvious what elements are from the source. There are a lot of elements of adventure, mystery, suspense, and comedy in this one. I would compare it to one of the early Mission Impossible films, where Tom Cruise plays a young John McAfee, who is given a top-secret mission in outer space, and has to travel to a planet called Mars to retrieve data that will help the government build a space ship. There is a lot of similar elements in this movie to that film.

Another element of the movie that is very funny is the quippy dialogue that was used throughout. It always made me laugh whenever one of the characters would utter something like “My momma’s coming to town…sir, your wife left you twice.” There were times when the humor would reach a peak, only for the kids to roll their eyes in disappointment. This is similar to when the parents leave in the beginning of the movie. But unlike the parents, the kids seem to take much better care of the predicament at hand.

The funny elements of this movie revolve around the main character, Lee, who is the son of an escaped convicts. When his parents leave, he goes with his cousin, Rusty. Rusty is the local “glass egg” seller, and tries to support his starving family by offering to buy the exclusive rights to a young women (Tina Majorino), in order to pay off his debts. The problem is that Rusty’s brother,iciency (Glen Cook), is not satisfied with the price that Rusty is offering, and decides to come back to town and try to get his hands on the rights to the beautiful woman. To make matters worse, the authorities find out about the deal, and storm the store, causing all of the customers to be thrown out. Fortunately, the owner of the glass egg, Mr. Jewell (Barry Pepper), is on top of the situation, and he negotiates with Rusty for just the right price.

Lee and Rusty finally meet at a bar later in the evening, where the owner, having heard the story about the girl (Tina Majorino), tells them all about his past, and the reasons that forced him to sell his own rights to the woman in the first place. Eventually, he gets his chance to meet the girl, and he realizes what he has been missing out on all his life. This becomes the basis of this classic comedy risky business, as the two men finally go their separate ways, but things don’t go so well between them, and things go even worse than before.

This is a true story of how things can go wrong when you least expect it. This comedy is probably one of the most important films of the year, and anyone who has seen it will tell you that. “Rebecca” is one of those rare finds: an okay story told masterfully with great acting. There are some great comic scenes here, and the acting is top notch, but the true strength of the film is found in the final scene. “Rebecca” is a smart, romantic comedy that works perfectly, and if you like watching movies that tell it like it’s supposed to be done, then you’ll love “Rebecca.”

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