Review of The Hardest Rock Band

Review of The Hardest Rock Band

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High school student Joel Goodsen ( tomatto Castelluccio) is ecstatic when his parents go on vacation for just a couple of days. Facing cash flow problems, Joel buys an old car from his friends with the intention of selling it on his return. Unbeknownst to his friends, however, Joel has already spent the night gambling with his friends at a strip club. When an unsuccessful attempt at securing a girl’s services goes awry, Joel assigns his friend Miles (Tom Cruise) to pimp the town.

When the girls leave town unexpectedly, Joel and Miles race to the police station to meet with the head honcho, Capt. Quinton “Pogue” Bronson (Pedro Asturari). Hoping to get their cut from the prostitution trade, the two friends crash the party and drag Quinton into the trap of hooker-house. Now confronted with the prospect of being hookers for life, Joel and Miles decide to strike out on their own – but when the police discover their unusual plans, there is a nasty twist in the tale.

With the help of his friend Bunkie (James Belushi), Joel is able to put together a ragtag band of his closest friends, including his adopted daughter Reille (Karen Allen), to make a living by running a hooker mill. With their new found skills and a steady supply of cheap girls, they set out to test the profitability of their operation. Meanwhile, back in town, Reille becomes the object of desire of Tom (Dabney Coleman) and Rachel (Sandra Oh), who also run a successful strip bar. Will these friends find success as they pursue their risky business?

In the summer, the friends attend an annual “Red Light-Green Light” party. There they run into old time rocker Bob Seger ( Wes Studwick), who reunites with a group of young fanatics he met at a summer concert. The youthful red light is flashing, and the youngsters are all wearing the latest fashions – including a leather jacket with ripped abs. The only thing standing between the group and the lucrative hooker business is the iron will of the brickman (Bunkie), who refuses to let them go.

In addition to the traditional setting of a summer music festival, The Hardest Rock Band is set to feature one of Matt Damon’s finest acting performances ever. His role as the gruff, no nonsense brickman is a welcome addition to the cast, especially after his recent starring role in the blockbuster The Accountant. The movie culminates with the memorable “call girl” scene from the second act. The Hardest Rock Band shows that Matt Damon can be an engaging lead character, just like the scrappy, yet lovable characters that he plays in his filmography. Although the movie is not a great fit for young children, it would make an excellent movie for the teenage set.

Overall, The Hardest Rock Band is a hilarious and entertaining film. With a modern setting and a great story, the movie works to make you laugh and feel good about the entertainment you are getting. The late Michael Caine provides an excellent supporting role as the hard-boiled brickman, while Will Smith provides another star turn as the dimpled old man with a soft spot for young girls. Movie lovers will enjoy The Hardest Rock Band, regardless of age or gender.

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