‘Risky Business, Broodie!

‘Risky Business, Broodie!

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Ruthless and daring, this is the first film that portrays the life of a successful entrepreneur. High school junior Joel Goodsen ( TOM CARSON) crashes out on vacation with his friend Miles. Shortly after an unsuccessful attempt at getting a prostitute to work for him, Joel installs a hidden camera in his underwear. When a john goes down on his date, Joel fires him and becomes desperate to get cash for his ruined car.

After crashing his parent’s Porsche, Joel launches a full time brothel from his parents’ home. He hires beautiful Lana (REbecca De Mornay), a dancer from his past, to work as a prostitute in the back room. When the unthinkable happens and one of the customers, Tom (ASHEAN ROTHING) walks in, the pair is arrested. Forced to perform sex for survival, the pimps plan to rob the bank and run the brothel. Meanwhile, Joel plans to pay off his creditors and has a talk with his parents about his future.

When the police learn that the pimps are running a prostitution ring, they raid the brothel one night and find a dead body. Investigating, they discover that it was not a robbery-they discover a sadistic secret behind the whole operation-that one night before the parents left for vacation, they had both son and daughter in the back room of their hotel room. With no other choice, the police force seals the deal by allowing the prostitutes to use the room until they can raise enough money to leave the establishment. Out of a sense of revenge, the pimps plan to kill the couple that night and steal their purse, but as they plan, they realize the situation is not ideal and decide to try to free the girls.

Now the movie begins to take shape. There is a twist at the end that makes you question whether or not the risky business was worth it. In an effort save face, the pimps offer to pay the money to the authorities so they can all go free, but as they transport the money from the brothel to the bank, the girl who was being held captive suddenly dies. Apparently she was hit by a car while being taken to the hospital, but was too unconscious to call for help. The reason she was not able to is that her throat had been slit, and it was difficult for paramedics to get a hold of her.

Paul Brickman returns to the crime scene a short time later and finds the police have already cleaned up the evidence. While stating his intention to clear his name and stop the vendettas, he soon realizes he will need some help to complete the job, and that is where Call Girl Jeannie comes in. She knows the identity of the pimp who ran the brothel, and after telling him his plan they become close friends. The two of them become the perfect team, and Brickman uses his past experience to help Jeannie get a deal set up between her customers.

A story like this one has to make you think, what was it about the old time rock and roll lifestyles that attracted such low lives to them? Was it because they lacked self-respect or hope? Or was it because they simply did not care if they lived or died? Was the risk/reward ratio a little too high for their taste? Whatever the case may be, it makes for an interesting contrast of the good, the bad, and the ugly of life, and Call Girl Jeannie and Paul Brickman provides just the right amount of entertainment needed to make you think.

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