‘Risky Business’ Starring Haylie Duff and Robert Downey Jr.

‘Risky Business’ Starring Haylie Duff and Robert Downey Jr.

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High school junior Joel Goodsen is ecstatic when his parents return from vacation for a couple of days. He’s ready to go stag for the weekend and meets up with his old friend Miles. Once an unsuccessful attempt at getting a prostitute to cover the cost of his stag night goes south, Joel decides to hire gorgeous young Lana to work as a live-in assistant.

When a night at a dirty, cramped motel goes horribly wrong, Joel gets word that his parents have left. Frightened and suspicious, he assumes his parents are out of town and so plans to crash their next stag night. But when the party crashes, it turns out the “bund” of money was in fact a very dangerous hooker. Now Joel and Miles must find out just how dangerous this hooker is and whether or not their parents left something valuable behind.

This film is a mixture of comedy, drama, thriller, adventure, and teen angst. It’s all there. The entire movie is fast paced, entertaining, and full of funny one-liners. The storyline and movie plot are very unique and different. There’s nothing like it in mainstream entertainment. I would definitely recommend this to people who like to see a good movie that has real value.

If you enjoy watching movies with a little bit of romance sprinkled in, this movie is for you. It’s set in present day, but the romantic undertones and story line is enough to make you feel old time rock and roll. What’s great about the storyline is the characters. These include a sexy, dangerous, yet loveable bad boy, an innocent but courageous girl, and an older more experienced couple who really knows what they’re doing. These guys kick butt and make the whole movie. The late comers don’t usually get that much time on screen as the standouts.

When the smoke clears and everyone is happy and living happily ever after, the only thing left is the question of what did the old man do to earn his fortune? The answer is simple; he ran a brothel and became the best master of the risky business. Playing the part of the bad boy, Miles barged into the brothel and lured the beautiful, yet poor young woman, Rebecca de Mornay (Haylie Duff). There she finds herself tied to an arranged marriage, and on the verge of being sold off into slavery.

In order to save her life, she must travel through the Mexican border and cross into the United States, landing in New York City and finding her way into the brothel owned by Earnest (Robert Downey Jr.) and his associate, Cosmo (OLIN STEPHEN). Once there, she discovers that the only way to keep her present life and her past life separate is to run the risk of involving the man she loves, while risking her life to do so. This is a movie that will make you go, ‘what a risky business’, but also give you something to smile about.

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