Secrets of Cloud Formation – A Clouds Movie

Secrets of Cloud Formation – A Clouds Movie

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The Cloud Movie is a very intriguing science fiction movie directed by Stanley Kubrick. It’s somewhat different from the average science fiction movie as it deals with cloud formation and its relation to human beings. The movie starts with a series of photos from NASA showing cloud formations. These photos are clearly visible in the trailer for the movie. This trailer shows the formation of clouds when it rains.

The human race has long been aware of the relationship between clouds and climate, but only now have scientists figured out exactly why clouds form and why they water vaporize. In the process of gathering data on clouds scientists have discovered that clouds are interacting with the earths surface temperature and the amount of rainfall. They have also found that clouds are made up of water droplets and ice crystals which grow thicker as the temperature drops. These particles then fall to the ground where they replenish themselves every few hours.

A major part of the movie involves a mission to research the effects of clouds on mankind. Dr. Robert J. Marsden (Peter Berg) is a leading atmospheric scientist at Cornell University. He is particularly interested in studying cloud formation theories because he feels that it could be a major factor in the future prevention of a nuclear war.

The movie begins in the late thirties of the previous century when a German meteorologist ( Franz Sandberg) makes an estimate of the maximum cloud cover that will likely be present in the area in which he lives. The calculation is based on the daily average temperature and precipitation that is expected. In his calculations, he estimates that the chances of cloud formation are one in ten million. Dr. Marsden also notes the thinning of the cloud cover at certain times of the year. He has a theory that these changes may lead to a domino effect, which can explain a lot of weather phenomena. As this theory falls apart, he is unable to continue with his studies and is forced to look for a solution to the mystery of clouds.

The movie ends with several predictions about future cloud formations based on computer modeling done by Dr. Marsden and his team. One of the predictions states that we are now entering into a “post cloud” period, in which clouds will not be as thick. Another predicts that within a decade, we will no longer be able to observe cloud formation trends. The last prediction is that within twenty years we will no longer be able to distinguish between cumulus and cirrus clouds. The movie concludes with a prediction for twenty five years in which we will not be able to observe cloud types.

Although the movie is very entertaining and has many visual flourishes, clouds are just one aspect of climate change. Actual cloud cover data can be difficult to obtain and there are many limitations placed on observations of cloudiness. The accuracy of any forecast depends largely on the observational data and climate conditions at any given time.

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