Selecting Suits and Accessories For a Business Suit

Selecting Suits and Accessories For a Business Suit

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A business suit is essentially a pair of clothing consisting of a jacket, typically black, trousers, and tie. It was once considered casual attire in Western society, when all of the same textile were worn together with a matching dress tie, necktie, collar, and suit shoes. A modern business suit should still be of a dark color, preferably dark navy blue, dark gray, or black, with a contrasting color for the trousers. The suit trousers should be cut so as to show off the legs, with trousers having no slouching areas. When worn for a business meeting with colleagues, the jacket should not be worn with a tie, as this could cause awkwardness.

For women’s wardrobes, there are basically three-piece suit attire: a blouse, blazer, and jacket. These three pieces go well with one another, although the blazer can be replaced with a scarf if the weather is warm enough. The typical blazer is black, but it can be trimmed with other colors or a patterned blazer, or even a personalized printed blazer. This outfit can also be worn to any other informal occasion. Women’s formal wear, such as a gown or skirt, will always have two-piece attire; the skirt will always be sleeveless, while the blouse should be sleeveless or have spaghetti straps if it is an office affair.

To finish the business suit, women should consider adding accessories to their ensemble. An important accessory to any woman’s wardrobe is the cuff links. With ties, it is not difficult to add more cuff links to create a classy look, as there are so many options. However, with this accessory, women must be careful not to overload their jackets, waistcoats, or other outerwear with too many cuff links. It can be a good idea to only add the accessories, such as the cuff links, to one piece of clothing at a time.

To add more sophistication to a jacket or waistcoat, it is advisable to choose colors that are a bit different from the main color of the suit. For example, a dark business suit will look bad with light cufflinks or with dark red cufflinks. One must also be careful when choosing which type of cufflinks to wear. As with any other accessory, they must be worn on an appropriate outfit. For example, it is not advisable to wear shiny cufflinks with a dark suit.

Trousers and jeans are the most common outfits that are to be worn for a business suit. Men’s formal wear has some rules that are followed in selecting formal wear. The first rule includes wearing trousers in a contrasting color than the jacket. Men’s formal clothes include both the jacket and trousers, as it is difficult to match the pants with the jacket. Trousers can be worn in lighter colors and with plain shoes than they are to be worn in darker shades.

A business suit consists of trousers, jacket and vest. The trousers and jacket are worn together as they are usually one piece. The vest is worn over the trousers and can be removed and worn separately if required.

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