Selecting the Right Colors For Your Business Suit

Selecting the Right Colors For Your Business Suit

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A business suit is a pair of clothing consisting of a jacket, typically buttoned up at the neck with a corresponding belt, trousers, or dress pants. It was historically regarded as formal wear by most Western civilised people, when all of same-textile, and worn together with a matching collared shirt, necktie, dress shoes, and briefcase. It has been an industry standard for men’s formal wear since the early 19th century, when business suits were first worn by male businessmen and politicians to receive high level appointments in authority positions in Britain and Europe.

In time, different types of clothing for different occasions evolved, and the first business suit, also known as a tailcoat (also referred to as a muffler) became a thing of the past. Instead, it was replaced with the more casual and fashionable sergeants’ outfit. This transition towards the ‘business suit’ happened as early as the late 19th century, where it became known as a more professional and business-like attire. The suit continued to evolve into a more modern form, where it became acceptable for both men and women in many professions. Although formally-made suits are still worn on special occasions, it is now mostly a business suit for corporate and professional organisations. One of the earliest forms of business suit which was worn by men, were the dress uniforms, which were a blend of evening pants with a dark or coloured cravat or waistcoat, black shoes, black socks and bow tie.

Women are not left out in the game when it comes to choosing a good business suit! Today, women have the option of wearing two-piece suits which come in many colors; they can also go with patterned or printed top, matching with the color of their pants or shirt. It may be a bit tricky when choosing the right colors and patterns for a women’s business suit, especially when it comes to matching with their blouse. However, if you keep it simple, then you can go with any of the basic colors that match any basic top. If you really want to get creative, you can also try mixing and matching different colors of patterns to create a unique look.

There are also two-piece suits which come in a darker shade of grey. These suits are perfect for those who want to project a corporate image. You can choose to wear dark gray tops paired with dark gray pants, or you can choose to wear a dark gray suit paired with a light gray blouse.

In addition to business suits, there are also formal wear dresses which can be worn during certain events. The dresses include dresses which are meant to be worn on grand openings or conferences. For such events, it would be appropriate to wear a semi-formal gown. On the other hand, for more casual functions and weddings, a traditional tuxedo is appropriate. These days, tuxedos are often worn by men who are going on a date to a fancy restaurant.

If your workplace is informal, you can go for more laid back attire like khakis or dark slacks. Your accessories can include a vest and a white or gray neck tie. Remember that it doesn’t matter what type of business suit you choose, just make sure that the colors of your attire complement each other so that you will look great in your photos.

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