Should Both Movie theaters Be Re-Opened?

Should Both Movie theaters Be Re-Opened?

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After a wild weekend that saw three movie theaters close their doors, the local government has issued a statement declaring that they will be allowed to re-open their respective theaters as early as tomorrow. While officials say that there was only one showing scheduled this afternoon at Brooklyn’s Village Square movie theater, many patrons have already turned up to the second showings. Loosening commercial occupancy permits are allowing movie theatres in New York City to re-open this week with limited capacity, however, one theater owner say that it is not nearly enough to save their struggling business. “If they don’t come back, I’m going to file for bankruptcy,” said Cinema owner Harry Hermosa.

On Monday night, Hermosa said that if they did not get a return showing from the movie theater owners that they would consider closing the doors for good. The owners of both the Village Square Theater on Flatbush Avenue and the Regal Broadway Picture House on Broadway Avenue could not be reached for comment by press time. Representatives of both the theater owners could not be reached either. Representatives of the city of New York City had no comment either on the potential re-opens or on the complaints of the owners of the two theaters.

In a letter sent to the managers of both theaters on Monday, lawyers for the city of New York stated that they would not tolerate disorderly conduct and that they would file disorderly conduct charges against anyone who was caught on the premises while the movie theater was closed. “We will not tolerate violence or criminal activity on movie premises or in its surrounding communities,” the letter read. “We believe that the re-opening of the movie theater at this time is a clear and immediate threat to the safety and orderly atmosphere of the surrounding communities and to the peace and quiet of the residents.” According to a spokesperson from the mayor’s office, Rudolph S. Bloomberg called the decision to re-open the movie theater an economic stimulus package in the face of what may be a slow economy. “This is great news for the movie business,” said Bloomberg.

The re-opening of both the Village Theater and the Regal Broadway Picture House were expected to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the two companies. Re-opening movies at these two Empire State buildings has been a long standing practice for movie theater owners and operators. The idea is to make sure that the theater is always fully booked during slow periods so that they do not have to turn people away. In addition, it guarantees an additional source of income from the parking lot, the restaurant, and all the other adjoining businesses. A movie theater is a huge moneymaker for a city, and so any extra income is a plus for a city.

On a related note, in the Village Voice newspaper on Tuesday, May 7th, the theater was invited to participate in a discussion on urban development at the John Hancock Tower. During this discussion, Mark Twain supposedly quoted (in Twain’s words) that “there are two kinds of people in the world: those who are never late and those who are never too early.” That is what some people may think about movie theater owners and operators. However, from a business standpoint, they are actually early and never too late.

Many people are saying that the re-opening of both the Village Theater and the Regal Hollywood Movie House will revitalize a part or all of the downtown NYC area. That could be the best argument as to why both theaters should be re-opening. When they are both open they will draw in new customers, more people than ever before will have access to a theater, and the movie theater owners will have an additional source of income which they may not otherwise get. So, maybe the re-opening of both movie theaters is a good thing?

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