Small Business Customers Can Get Freezer Shopping at Amazon

Small Business Customers Can Get Freezer Shopping at Amazon

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Amazon Web Services offers a comprehensive suite of tools for building and deploying an online store or marketplace. At its core are two technologies: Amazon’s E-Commerce Technology and Amazon Web Services Business Solutions. E-Commerce refers to any business activity that transacts goods or services electronically, such as displaying items for sale on a website, accepting payments or managing customer accounts. Amazon Web Services Business Solutions includes modules that help in managing payment transactions, managing customer accounts, displaying items for sale, researching various market trends, analyzing user behavior, marketing products and services, storing data, software configuration, and system administration. Amazon Web Services offers a set of middleware solutions, ranging from simple database management to complete web application platforms, that you can use to build and implement your online store or marketplace. You can even choose to outsource some of these technologies to save more money.

The basic module of Amazon Web Services Business Solutions is Amazon Web Product Intelligence, or AMP. AMP helps you analyze your current business data and forecast your future sales and profit margins based on historical product data and demand. AMP uses the best available statistical methods including historical demand, price analysis, trending and seasonal data, geographic location, product specifications and market segments, to provide a robust analysis of your business needs and practices. This in turn, helps you make the right decisions regarding strategic product management and business growth.

Amazon Web Services also offers business-only pricing for selected types of e-businesses, such as digital music downloads, digital video recordings, or physical goods like books, CDs, DVDs, or mobile phones. You can specify the price range for each category to better match your customers’ buying preferences. Also, you can categorize your products according to price, genre, or country. Amazon’s real-time Purchasing Analytics tools provide detailed reports on every purchase, including the customer’s demographic information, country of residence, shopping history, and the exact product name or description.

Business customers give great feedback about how easy or difficult a particular purchase transaction was. Amazon’s web analytics solutions give you the opportunity to discover what kind of purchases are most popular and what kinds of purchases are least popular. By studying the trends, you can understand consumer behavior and tailor your customer service and support strategies to better serve small businesses. Amazon Web Services offers real-time statistics, which allow you to determine customer demographics, identify buying patterns, find out where buyers come from and where they go next, and measure conversion rates so that you can improve your customer satisfaction and sales performance.

Another powerful feature of Amazon Web Services is its extensive collection of thousands of suppliers. Amazon offers different types of membership programs, from free accounts that grant access to a vast network of suppliers to paid subscriptions that require a monthly fee. With these suppliers, you have access to not just one but several suppliers with which you can compete directly for business products and sales.

The comprehensive benefits of membership to Amazon Web Services are made even more valuable when you consider the huge variety of products and services that you can purchase. Supplying your business with supplies, equipment, marketing materials, and even storage space can save you a tremendous amount of money and take away the stress of finding the products you need and want in bulk. And because many of the supplies you purchase through the Amazon program are eligible for discounts, the company makes those savings even more attractive. When you buy online, the Amazon Business Solutions free account makes your purchases even easier by providing convenient ways to add the products you want to your cart, such as prepaid credit cards, automatic payments using PayPal, or discounts for promotional codes and other discounts the company has identified for its members.

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