Some Of My Favorite Halloween Movies

Some Of My Favorite Halloween Movies

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The first official Halloween movie is the 2021 release of Halloween III: The Scarecrow. Directed by Tim Burton, the film follows the storyline of the original Halloween film, where a dead man’s daughter (aturated with evil spells and held prisoner in her doll house) sends her family to a mansion for Halloween. There she unleashes her fears and the evil that is found within. The film introduces a new character for the series, the gingerbread girl, played by Helena Bonham Carter.

In the second film, the curse of Halloween is Broken when a young boy ( Zac Efron ) falls victim to a diabolical plot. The evil plot takes place in a mental institution called The Darkling, where a young woman named Alice (Emma Stone) works as a therapist. Alice has developed strange ties with the now old man who was the serial killer of her family and it is this connection that draws her to a tragic end. The film was directed by none other than Henry Selick, who helmed the remake of Halloween II: The Exorcist and its subsequent sequel, Halloween.

One of the most well known and most talked about stars of the Halloween movies is Anne Hathaway. In the first of the two Halloween films, Alice (Anne Hathaway) meets the spirited but slightly older Jim Carrey (David Strathairn), who falls in love with her. Shortly thereafter, they are taken on a trip to an ancient Gothic castle, where Alice gets caught up in the centuries long fight between good and evil. While out on the trail of the Crested Prickle prickly ash tree, Alice is bitten by a vampire and transforms into the evil witch, Vashti. Once she gains access to the Necromancer’s powerful artifacts, she becomes even more powerful, and is able to murder the evil Necromancer and his loyal servants.

The second film of the series, Halloween II: The Way to Stop the Ringing in the Kitchen, sees the final girl of the series, Jessica Tandy’s Landa, pitted against the evil sorceror, Mr. Lowe. Jessica becomes the sole target of Mr. Lowe’s ire, who is intent on destroying Jessica’s good looks and her perfect young teenage body. When Jessica learns of a powerful and ancient artifact that can restore her to her natural beauty, she sets out to learn its location from a wise old woman who knows all about it. But the evil Enchantress also learns of the impending doom of the Halloween festival, and sends her acolytes to attack the village in order to steal the artifact for her own purposes…

I feel that one of the strengths of the Halloween movies is the consistent use of the “trick or treat” scene as an integral part of the overall theme. You can almost pinpoint the plot of the movie depending on which version you watch. For instance, in the version where Jessica finds the Golden Apple, she uses it to rid herself of Mr. Lowe’s malady, only to have him whisk it away in a flash of lightning. Or in the other versions, when she hides the apple in the Well of Sleep in order to protect her daughter from sleeping demons. In both versions of the scene, the apple represents the forbidden fruit that should not be plucked from the tree, and therefore must be found, protected, and eaten by the heroine.

These are only a few of the classic scenes from the Halloween films, but the point is that they’ve always provided entertainment at its best. The same thing could be said for the various Halloween trivia books and articles that you can find in any local bookstore, as well as online. Even if you haven’t seen the Halloween films, you can learn a great deal about the history of this popular holiday. As a result, you can enjoy Halloween more this year, knowing that you’ve learned something new about this timeless holiday.

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