“Stag Night” Starring Cameron Crowe & “A Few Good Men” Starring Denholm Elliott

“Stag Night” Starring Cameron Crowe & “A Few Good Men” Starring Denholm Elliott

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“Stag Night” is a fun and entertaining film directed by David Fincher. Ecstatic when his parents go on vacation for just a couple of days, high school junior Joel Goodsen (Goodman) cut off his relationship with his friend Miles. However, after an unsuccessful attempt at getting a hooker to work for him, Joel purchases a stripper from a website on the internet. When the dancer accidentally trips an elderly couple on their way home, they are severely injured. Determined to help the injured couple, Joel devises a plan in which to exchange the women for large sums of money.

When the men from the lake Michigan warehouse where he works find out that Joel has been keeping the women, tensions are high. With no other choice but to let the women go, Joel must navigate the terrain of risk/reward when it comes to finding a willing hooker. Meanwhile, Reuben (David Fincher) returns home to care for his ailing mother while Miles (Philip Seymour Hoffman) moves in with his family. When the happy couple’s house is vandalized, they must race to the aid of the bewildered parents and find the culprit before it is too late.

Sporting a number of well choreographed sequences, “Stag Night” is a thrill ride for all who enjoy the finer things in life. Fincher creates a fantasy world that borderlines on brilliance. The dialogue between the main characters, as well as the back story developing between the various actors playing different characters, kept me reading. Watching old time rock and roll and being entertained by a quality screenplay adds to the overall enjoyment. The supporting cast more then makes up for Jacob Lofland’s not so great acting.

While the story is filled with humorous one liners, the end is not. I felt that the film did not go far enough in presenting the story line. It also lacked in establishing a sense of urgency that would make the viewer want to know what will happen at the end. There is still some tension built up, but not enough to keep the audience excited through to the end of the film.

Cameron Crowe does an excellent job as the call girl, but he does not quite bring out the same qualities of the character that made him memorable in “A Few Good Men.” Overall, “Stag Night” was a decent but not great film. It will make many people happy to see Jacob Lofland back in the starring role, but those that are disappointed may not find much enjoyment. Its best to pass on this one if you are not a fan of his work. If you are however, this one is worth a watch just for the fact that Cameron Crowe is back in a Hollywood film and has not been forgotten yet.

As the credits run the course of the screen, the credits also begin to list the film makers behind the production. This includes director/writer Jacob Lofland, cinematographer DanIEll Ginns, assistant director Erickson Horvath, editor Catlin Hunt, sound engineer Ben Davis, and costume designer Tracie Sohn. Based on a true story, “Stag Night” is another risky business by Cameron Crowe. However, the end product might make it worth your while. Watch “Stag Night” before you see “A Few Good Men.”

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