The Adventures of Rock and Roll Rabbit

The Adventures of Rock and Roll Rabbit

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High school junior Joel Goodsen is thrilled when his parents take off on vacation for some days. Seeking fun and excitement, he plans to offer his services to a local prostitute for the night. Unaware that the woman has a son, he plans to take advantage of the situation. When a disastrous attempt at collecting a bill from a pimp goes terribly wrong, Joel becomes scared witless. In an attempt to raise some money fast, Joel decides to run a brothel. Placing ads in the local papers, he tries to recruit willing women, but all are disappointed with his services.

When a girl tells her mother she wants to work at the brothel, Joel and his partners agree to make the tour and get her experience. With their help, the girl becomes a highly sought out prize and the most wanted woman in the city. The risk involved with starting a prostitution ring is what makes the comedy so risky business. With his new found friends helping him out, Joel has finally got himself a chance at motherhood.

In this funny comedy, the title character of Joel Goodsen, a young adult, has finally met the woman he is meant to marry. Hoping to make some quick money, he plans to try his luck in the adult industry by running a hooker ring. With a list of clients, numbering in the dozens, Joel heads to New York City to set up shop. Joining forces with a sexy hooker who just might save his hide, Joel must use his guts, intelligence, charm, and most of all a little bit of wisdom to pull of the best thing he ever cooked up.

Sporting one of the best lines ever in a comedy, “I’m so glad I ran into you, honey. I knew you’d be my best thing since sliced bread,” Joel Goodsen’s introduction to his gorgeous hooker of a friend, Becky, is a line that has become almost a mantra in the genre. From there, the comedy centers on the couple’s subsequent escape from the brothel, where they stumble upon a series of events that span across continents, all while attempting to run the riskiest business known to man.

After taking a one-point stand against his own instincts to run a shady establishment, Joel Goodsen eventually decides to try a different approach to a risky business – entering into the world of legitimate call girls. Hiring two extremely well known con women (one with a rich background, and one with a talent for lying), Joel and company travel to a small town in upstate New York where a call girl mill thrives. While trying to find the perfect date, the couple stumbles upon the worst case scenario imaginable – a happy ending that would have them running back to the office with a check for several million dollars. This hilarious tale of greed, deceit, and adventure would prove to be the start of an incredible series of events that would span across several continents and continue for several decades.

The Adventures of Rock and Roll Rabbit may seem like a bit of a stretch for the original strip, but it proves to be a unique comedy that stands on its own. Featuring a unique style of storytelling and humor, The Adventures of Rock and Roll Rabbit gives equal time to the more outlandish elements of the genre, providing some laughs along the way. It is rare that one can get away with combining the laughter from one story with that from another, but Rebecca de Mornay does this quite well with The Adventures of Rock and Roll Rabbit. While it doesn’t reach the heights of the aforementioned classics, it is still a funny read, and would serve as a great introduction to the world of stand up comedy.

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