The Benefits of Comcast Business Broadband

The Benefits of Comcast Business Broadband

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Comcast Business is a division of Comcast, which, under the ownership of NBC Universal, has handled both the sales, distribution, and installation of online, cable, and telephone services to various corporations. In recent years, Comcast has aggressively expanded into other markets, especially media and entertainment. In May of 2008, Comcast acquired the majority stake in the NBC Universal television network, giving it a digital television presence, as well as the exclusive rights to televison produced by the Universal Pictures film slate. This gave Comcast access to a number of popular channels, which include the recently-popular NBC sports networks and the History Channel.

Comcast Business has been trying to increase its market share in the home entertainment market, but not all of its endeavors have succeeded, especially given the sluggish economy and increasing unemployment in many parts of the country. The customer service representatives at Comcast Business often seem unfriendly and unhelpful, although they do provide good customer service. Many customers have complained that the service does not fully represent the pricing structure or programming choices offered by Comcast. Some customers have complained about slow internet speeds, while others have complained that their internet speeds are so slow that they are unable to use certain features of the Comcast service, including high definition video.

In an effort to increase customer service, Comcast has introduced a number of small business programs, mostly focused on improving customer satisfaction and decreasing customer complaints. These Comcast Business initiatives have helped to raise the company’s image and increase sales. Among these small business Comcast Business initiatives are:

Comcast Business Phone provides service to small businesses, home offices, and hospitality facilities, including restaurants and hotels. The service provider offers unlimited local calls, toll-free numbers, and conference call options. The most basic package offers unlimited local calls and no long-distance fees; the advanced package offers unlimited local calls and conference calling options; the medium package offers unlimited nationwide calls and nationwide dial-in accesses; and the premier package offers unlimited nationwide dial-in accesses and unlimited local calls.

Comcast Business TV offers video on demand service for the television viewing habits of business employers and employees. It also offers high-speed internet speeds to connect office employees to the company’s intranet and network. The most basic package, the Business TV Plus package, provides two free DVRs with two free months of subscription. The Business TV Deluxe package offers four free DVRs, three free receivers, three free televisions, an integrated digital video recorder, unlimited reception and transfer of digital television signals, and free installation of Digital Video Recorders (DVR).

Comcast Business Broadband has been designed especially for small businesses to improve their internet connection and increase their productivity. By improving their broadband speed and adding the popular High Speed Internet protocol (HISP) service, small businesses can get business web surfing and emailing faster than ever before. Comcast has many plans to suit your specific needs and budgets. If you are just starting off, try the bundled starter packages which offer a low introductory rate and a one-year contract that gives you unrestricted downloads and unlimited bandwidth. For more information on high-speed internet connections, click here.

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