The Benefits of Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

The Benefits of Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

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The true essence of a minimalist lifestyle consists of deciding first what gives the most importance to you. It’s actually about being selective with your possessions. Minimalist living always revolves around purpose. You effectively create space and time within your daily life for the stuff that you really love, and get rid of everything else that distracts you away from them.

Common Myths: Removing Anything is Harmful to the Body. – This is one of the biggest misconception regarding a minimalist lifestyle. When people are asked to remove anything from their home, they look for a way not to do it. They think that it removes any value from the home. But what they don’t know is that by simply keeping some things simple, the whole “stuff” stays and adds more value to the home. You can also use accessories and knick-knacks to add more depth and dimension to your environment without removing anything.

The Concept: Decluttering = Emptying Your Home = Emotional Detoxification = Getting Rid of Your Old Things and Start afresh. – Another common misconception regarding a minimalist lifestyle is that it requires you to get rid of everything and start afresh. What you must understand is that decluttering does not equal to getting rid of everything. Decluttering simply means getting rid of unwanted things, which often include old knick-knacks, collectibles, or decorations. And with the goal of decluttering, you don’t necessarily have to get rid of these items completely.

The Benefits: Minimalism and Simple Living are actually compatible. A minimalist lifestyle consists of both practical and aesthetic value. A simple living room will look like an intentional space, with furniture and accessories that intentionally coordinates with the color and shape of the room. You can easily change the color of walls, flooring, lighting, and other elements, keeping in mind the purpose behind each change. Because of this, it is easy for you to incorporate certain colors and elements into your space without worrying too much about how they would look “in real life”.

Another benefit of the minimalist lifestyle, as pointed out by minimalists, is that it promotes a sense of discipline. When you are aware that what you put in your mouth and what you place on your body are going to effect the way you feel, it becomes easier to avoid unhealthy behaviors such as overeating, laziness, and other vices. Minimalists tend to be disciplined people who keep their personal possessions to a bare minimum. Because of this, when confronted with the need to buy something, they will not be tempted to splurge.

Minimalists believe that clutter accumulates because people keep using it; hence, it becomes harder to get rid of it. But this doesn’t mean that the environment has to be cluttered or that everything has to be perfect. In fact, the more clutter a person can get rid of, the better off he or she will be. Minimalists strive to live in a clutter-free environment and they choose to live this lifestyle, saying that it is much healthier than living with a lot of stuff that is hard to organize. In other words, they are trying to eliminate the mental barrier towards minimalism, which may have been preventing them from making the changes needed to move towards a minimalist lifestyle.

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