The Best Love Movies of All Time

The Best Love Movies of All Time

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It’s amazing how quickly people fall in love in the movie industry. If you watch enough love movies over the years, you’ll see that some of them are absolutely tear-jerking. While this is true, it’s not the only thing that makes a movie good. Here are the top 5 love movie scenes ever.

In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Steve Martin plays a man who has very depressed feelings and goes into a panic attack at the thought that his wife might leave him. He imagines the car falling on his head, he imagines driving through a field full of cows, and he imagines being locked in a room with his wife. The end of this movie is priceless.

When the movie takes place in the 1990s, no one knows what to expect. There’s the crazy artist, the trash chaser, the hard-partying rocker and the notorious sex symbol, Madonna. No one can keep up with them on an everyday basis, making it tough for the average person to even think about living a normal life. In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, she tries to get her head sorted out and takes life easy once she realizes that her hubby is working again. It makes everything so much easier for her and she’s able to enjoy herself once again.

Another love movie scene that comes to mind when discussing the best love movies is Ingrid Bergman’s performance in A Dangerous Man. This is a tough one for me to pick as the movie itself is a little disturbing, but there’s something very powerful about Bergman. She played a character that was incredibly dangerous and yet had an enormous amount of loyalty to the person she loved. I feel like she was always trying to protect him. That’s part of her charm.

One of the most intense love movies of all time happens to be The Deerhunter. This movie takes place in Depression-era New York City, and centers on a hunt for a serial killer who has been terrorizing the city. Ben Kingsley plays the lead role and delivers one of the best performances of his career. Kingsley easily brings his character to life and is a joy to watch.

One movie that must be mentioned is The Game. This movie literally takes you into the game. You know it’s going to be intense because it’s based on a true story. Michael Douglas plays an American golfer who goes on a trip with a friend to a course where a huge and highly-secretive secret tournament is being held. This movie is pure entertainment and you should definitely add it to your list of great love movies.

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