The Best Of Last Summer’s Horror Movies

The Best Of Last Summer’s Horror Movies

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Scary movies can be some of the most fun you have ever had. They will literally beg and plead for you to watch a scary movie with them and then spend the entire evening in your bed trying to sleep. But like most things in life, there are bad movies out there which toe the border of scary movie, and still provide children with some thrilling, albeit unintentional thrills and gore elements without too much of the violence, gore and frightening ghouls which would often live on their minds for the rest of their lives. If you have never seen a scary movie, but are willing to put up with some blood, guts and terror, then this article is for you. Below are a few tips on how to choose a good scary movie.

If you want to watch the sort of scary movie which springs to mind when you think of horror movies, you should definitely consider the brilliant comedy genre. Most people think of Freddy Kruger in his classic film Halloween. The movie itself is about a young man who goes on a crazy killing spree in order to save his neighbourhood from an impending threat of a supernatural creature. The film has an almost perfectly polished execution of its scariest moments, which have made it one of the more popular horror movies to date. Freddy Kruger always manages to remain funny in spite of how dark the humour sometimes can get, making it one of those rare examples of a horror movie which works both ways – it is entertaining and scary.

The same goes for a series of other horror movies which you might have already seen; The Shining, Hostel, Exorcism and A Nightmare On Elm Street are all examples of great comedy horror movies which nevertheless manage to create enough fright to stay on the entertainment table long after the credits have finished rolling. Of course, the same cannot be said for films like The Exorcist, where the only thing you’ll remember after watching is that you’re going to have to pay more money to see it again! These parodies aren’t just a sign of ingenuity on the part of filmmakers; they actually serve to serve as great source material for some of the more imaginative writers out there. The Exorcist being the obvious example, where the Catholic Church tries to control the possession through acts of “hideous” possession and “hideous” ritual. Often parodies are a precursor to further developments in the plot, or serve as a point of departure for an entirely different idea…

One other great example of a scary movie with a big laugh involves the old silent movie darling,abby, and the Three Little Pigs. Made in 1941, the entire production was performed without any sound, allowing the director to use various effect to make the actors look extremely squirmy. More importantly, the Three Little Pigs feature an excellent one-liners that make the entire picture far cry from its peers; most of the dialogue is delivered by the three actors themselves, except for a brief moment where the pig in the seat speaks to the audience, making the rest of his words seem completely alien. In short, faris is a far cry from slapstick!

Another great early 90s comedy, the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a rare breed of horror movie that manages to be both funny and scary at once. Lead by Dan Cage (of The Mask and Top Secret) and John Edward (of Scary Movie and Saturday Night Fever), the film nevertheless manages to be an hilarious comedy in spite of its rather gruesome content – which is perhaps why the film has never really lost that much of its affection for its audience. A mixture of comedy, romance and horror, the film concerns two high school youngsters who are thrown into a world of magic, danger and strange powers. With an array of cameos and cameo characters such as Edward’s Mom, Ted’s Dad, Carla the schoolgirl and of course, Ted himself, the film nonetheless manages to be an intelligent, fun and scary movie.

One other great late 90s horror comedy that I have to mention is The Shining. Again, starring Eddie Murphy as the delusional master of illusion, David Bowie takes audiences on a journey into the snowy mountains that were once the house of David Bowie’s birth, during the film’s closing credits. In one scene, Murphy’s character even impersonates the legendary rock star, with the result that many viewers have compared the scene to the real thing (obviously, this would be stretching the truth a bit). In essence, The Shining is one of those rare films from the last decade or so that manages to be both funny and scary at once, creating a hybrid of entertainment that is sure to be a hit with fans of either genre.

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