The Best “Shade” Movie on DVD Right Now

The Best “Shade” Movie on DVD Right Now

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A Halloween movie without a sparkle is pretty darn boring. No one really goes to a Halloween party or event without a great deal of anticipation and fun. The last thing that anyone wants is to show up to a Halloween event without anything to put on. So to help you get things set for Halloween, here are some Halloween movie facts that might give you a little inspiration.

When the first “Halloween” movie rolled off the big screen, it was a big hit. People just had to have more of this dark comedy that was sure to be a huge hit. “The Dark Knight” followed right behind it and even with the help of an amazing Oscar winning star like Heath Ledger, things still got plenty to go on for the man who had become known as the Joker. The next “Halloween” movie to come to the big screen was “The Shape.” The movie ended up being just as big a hit as the previous films, but unlike the first film, this one featured a much different villain.

The next “Halloween” movie to come to the big screen was “The Incredible Hulk.” This time around the storyline was completely different. Instead of going after Dr. Alexander Raglin’s hide out, “The Incredible Hulk” instead went after the Hulk himself. The end result was an even more exciting turn of events that anyone can appreciate.

In the final “Halloween” movie of the series, “The Shape” director Tim Burton brought something truly unique to the table. Instead of using the typical ghost and ghoul look, he went with something that was completely different. Instead of a joker like character, Burton cast Ed Harris as the headmaster of a school. For those of you who didn’t know, Harris was quite popular before his stint on “The Dark Knight Rises.” Not only does the director give us a very unique take on this Halloween classic, but he also gives us a lead character that we simply can’t wait to see again…

One of the most interesting aspects about “The Shape” is how little it takes to create a great villain for the Halloween movie. It only takes the talent of a true storyteller. No doubt at some point in your research you will find the true story behind the creation of this villain. If you don’t have the time to do that, just remember this: from the start, this villain was nothing more than a high school football player that simply wanted to win the game.

As for “The Shape,” well, I can’t say I loved it. Maybe it just bore me to no end. But that’s not what this article is about. What this article is about is the many movies and horror movies that are available on DVD right now, and which ones you should consider watching with the hopes of possibly earning a return visit in October.

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