‘The Big Bunk’ Movie Review

‘The Big Bunk’ Movie Review

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High school student Joel Goodsen (Goodman) is ecstatic when his parents finally leave on vacation for some extended time. Intent on securing the services of a hooker, Joel purchases a beautiful, blond hooker from an online classified ad. When the hooker decides to visit a nearby strip bar, Joel’s friends concoct a plan to get her out of there before the police arrive. As night falls, the group makes preparations to “smuggle” their new victim into the back of their car before transporting her to a place they call “the barn”.

Unfortunately, things take an unexpected turn when the hooker decides to sleep with everyone in the car. Facing arrest, Joel and his friends race to the local police station to turn themselves in. But before they can do so, the police station is evacuated to the local highway where a tense stand-off occurs. Meanwhile, the hooker has made plans to leave town, bringing her sexy, blond friend with her. This “sexy” friend is none other than Lex, a calculating and ambitious young business man who plans to make money in any way possible. When confronted with the townspeople’s dire need for money, Joel and Lex race against each other in a thrilling, daring, and humorous high stakes business report based on a true story.

Plunging into a risky business report that involves drugs and police corruption, but ends up providing the much needed background information on Lex, Joel Goodsen must rely on his wits and resourceful abilities to keep his story from falling apart. A series of strange events including the theft of a shipment of eggs by a group of fanatical egg thieves leads Goodsen to an impromptu meeting with ex-cop corruptions expert, Bronson Pinchot. Pinchot quickly realizes the criminal mastermind behind the theft of the eggs is a local woman named Trudy Constantia. Constance is determined to exact revenge on her former employer and set in motion the events that will bring Joel and Lex to the brink of complete criminal retribution. In order to bring justice to this case, the volatile duo team up with an equally intriguing call girl.

Using their unique experiences and their uncanny chemistry together, Joel and Lex Goodsen embark on a cross country road trip in order to investigate a series of disappearances involving several affluent families. With the help of their ragtag band of unlikely characters including a crooked cop, ruthless bounty hunter, and disreputable private investigator, Joel and Lex uncover the truth about what may be happening to these unsuspecting families. On their final trek to the notorious lake they discover one last clue that will connect them to the dangerous criminals plaguing Lake Michigan…

Based upon the true events that transpire between scrappy young inexperienced college students and seasoned professionals, “The Big Bunk” is an engrossing, fast paced thriller that showcases the incredible energy of young filmmaking. Cameron Crowe makes his directorial debut here, following up on his award winning debut, “We Were Married”, but in a film that’s even more daring and engaging than its previous outings. The acting performances are solid with some strong examples coming from Jacob Lofland and Rebecca De Mornay. The screenplay is quite original and engrossing as well. One point that really stands out is the way in which the film utilizes a number of different settings, from highly urban environments to rural backyards, all of which play host to the oddest and most unlikely of unlikely characters.

In conclusion, this is a fun and entertaining film that’s sure to make a few people smile. The biggest thing that really makes it a must see movie is the true story of a young man who gets himself into an extremely precarious situation. If you like drama and mystery, than you’ll love “The Big Bunk”. If you haven’t seen it yet, then go out and see it – you won’t be disappointed. I know I was.

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