The Cloud Movie Sequel

The Cloud Movie Sequel

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The Clouds Movie is a release that is pretty much like the Groundhog Day that was just released two months ago. The storyline is the same and the movie follows the same format. What makes this movie so likable is the protagonist, played by Streep, who basically takes every scene in the movie with the same emotion. While acting as Willy, Streep gets to portray the character of his alter ego, the same person that he plays on the TV show Groundhog Day. This allows him to get more mileage out of his performance while at the same time providing the audience with his most heartfelt performance to date.

In the first part of the movie, Streep plays a man named Calvin who lives in Springfield, Massachusetts. His job is to clean the windows of the police station. On the day of his day off, he gets a visit from his old friend from high school named Yoga. The two go out for an evening and while doing so, Yoga gets a bit carried away with his dreams and wants to do something different for the day. As a result, he winds up getting himself stuck in a mental asylum.

At the end of the film, we are introduced to another character named Bill. Bill is a bright and energetic man who works in the clouds as a research scientist. One of the main arguments that he attempts to come up with is that the clouds are communicating with him and giving him messages about his personality and life.

The interesting part about this character is that he is completely insane but is able to hold down a job in the same area as Yoga. He also has a bright future and starts to meet girls. It is during one of these meetings with one of these women, called Allison, that our protagonist starts to realize what he is feeling for Yoga. Shortly after, they become lovers and eventually decide to get married.

The movie then skips several years and takes us back to the present. Now, Yoga is trying to figure out his mental state and how he is going to fix it. But, before he can figure it out, he must first deal with Yoga’s parents, played by Jason Statham and Michelle Monaghan. Their motives for forcing Yoga to commit are because they believe that the secrets to life are contained in his head. In order to solve this riddle, Yoga must journey into his subconscious mind and unlock the secrets therein. Along the way, Yoga learns that he is also locked in the clouds and must find a way to unlock them to rescue his soul and his sanity.

Overall, The Cloud symbolizes the age old questions asked by mankind – What is the meaning of life? And, will those who find the answer live happily ever after? Will there be another round of global warming and destruction? These are all important questions that are answered in the movie Cloud Atlas.

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