The Clouds Movie (Movie Review)

The Clouds Movie (Movie Review)

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One of the most talked about movies of recent years is called The Clouds Movie. Directed by Wes Ball, the film depicts life in a small town during the early days of the Internet. It’s very easy to tell that The Clouds Movie is based on reality because it’s so well done. You can almost feel the emotions and the feelings of people as they communicate on the Internet. It’s amazing what filmmakers are capable of these days with special effects and the use of computer graphics.

The Clouds movie begins by telling a simple story about two young lovers who are just starting to date. They’re walking down a country road when a car drives up on them. One of them tries to avoid being run over but his body gets caught in the car’s exhaust. He falls to the ground, and there he lands in a giant heap of leaves and dirt. Both of them are rendered unconscious, and while he is unconscious they both pass out.

Soon doctors find out that this man has a condition called “Sensitivity to Cloud”. This means that whenever he goes near any part of The Cloud, he becomes intensely uncomfortable. As he passes out the doctors find out that this man has an unusual sort of power over the clouds. He is able to control the weather and bring the rain to anyone’s heart’s desire. Wes Ball was one of the more creative directors of this film, because he takes a normal story and makes it into a wonderful movie with computer graphics that make you feel like you’re really in the clouds.

As one would expect, the special effects are real but the actual humor is unbelievable. The Cloud character itself isn’t very original, but it is one of the few comedies in history that doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are jokes in this one that won’t even make you stop laughing. In fact, if you weren’t laughing then you probably would have a hard time keeping your eyes open.

I have to be fair, The Clouds Movie is not perfect. It will make you pay for anything that this movie tries to sell you. It isn’t a very long movie and because of the unoriginal storyline, some people might feel a little cheated that they didn’t go see it in the first place. On the other hand, the graphic and colorful nature of the movie does help make it entertaining.

Overall The Clouds Movie is a good one. If you have a chance to rent it or buy it on DVD, you should definitely do so. You’ll want to experience it for yourself. Just remember, you can’t really send someone into The Cloud, they would just have to be there for you to try. Try it out for yourself and you might just fall in love with it!

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