The Clouds Movie Review

The Clouds Movie Review

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The clouds movie has got to be one of the best movies of all time. director Stanley Kubrick uses a brilliant lens flare technique to great effect in this futuristic film. The special effects are mind blowing and this movie is sure to entertain the whole family. In this movie the main character is played by HAL the computer. He travels back in time to retrieve his old friend Data (Kruger) from terrorists who want to kill him. The two of them get captured and are taken to a secret facility where they are subjected to tortures designed to test their mental strength.

While in this huge building, things start going wrong as the terrorists start using high tech weapons and plan to take over the whole facility. They succeed in this and the entire place goes up in smoke. Only Data is able to save his life and go back in time to stop the carnage. There he plays a crucial role in stopping the attacks and also retrieves the golden egg which will open the portal to a new world. While in this huge building, things go wrong again as the evil terrorists use high tech weapons to destroy the facility and kill everyone in the building.

While we are in hyperspace, our hero arrives at Earth and is welcomed by President Kennedy. He then proceeds to Earth and tries to save the president from being killed by a assassin. However, there is one more terrorist who wants to kill the president and so he aids him and in the end we have one of the most incredible battles of the century. The movie ends with the President and his companion flying away on a plane while the evil terrorist(s) try to shoot down their aircraft. We then see that the body of the president was cremated and his ashes were given to the poor people of India.

An interesting part of the movie is that it takes us into the future and we see how the government tries to keep the peace and maintain the balance between various countries and cultures. This leads to the creation of the clouds in the sky and thus, the movie ends with the creation of Clouds. They help to prevent any war from breaking out and thus help in making everyone happy.

There is another version of this movie where the Chinese government creates artificial clouds to prevent the Americans from spying on them. The movie then goes back to the future and the Chinese government starts creating clouds again and causing more trouble for the United States. It seems that the Chinese government does not find it that important to prevent spying on their neighbors. However, this movie takes us into the future and into a world where everything is so interconnected that if one country fails, it can cause all countries to fail as well.

Overall, Clouded is a great movie. I have enjoyed watching it since the first time and I plan on watching it again soon. It’s a fantastic science fiction movie that will keep you thinking. Well, unless you hate to think. If you do, then this movie is a definite must see.

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