The Clouds Movie Review

The Clouds Movie Review

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The movie, Cloudy with clear skies is a wonderful animated film directed by Thomas Greentree. It’s a beautiful film that is filled with animation and excellent visual effects. There are two main characters in this movie, Moises Lesko and Hector Elizondo. They are cousins who live in a peaceful town, but have to fight crime and bad weather as well.

When the cloud makes its appearance it causes Moises’ house to fill up with fog. He panics and goes outside to see what is causing the cloud. As he walks through the streets he sees a courier truck that has crashed into a tree. Some fireworks have also fallen from the sky.

The driver of the truck is being pursued by criminals and a police officer, Lesko arrives and takes off his shirt to reveal that he is a cloud hunter. He follows the truck carrying the cargo to the woods where a fire has recently burned. The cloud is heading for a home on a mountain when they discover a mysterious woman ( Anne Hathaway ) who is inside the home. Moises is afraid that she may be a criminal and has been following her but she tells him she is looking for her old friend, Cloudy. The two travel together and she tells him that she wants him to protect her.

The Clouds movie follows the normal formula for an animated movie. There is an introduction of a character and then a plot line develops around that character. There is action and adventure but it is never overwhelming or too full of action. The character is the central focus of the story. The two leads have very different philosophies about life which conflict with one another and brings the two characters to the next level in the story.

The Clouds movie is about 2 really great characters. One is a great character who cares deeply about helping people and the second is a very bad guy who doesn’t care at all. I’m not much of a movie watcher so I wasn’t sure about this but the movie was excellent. It was captivating and kept me guessing throughout the entire movie. The action scenes were thrilling and the special effects were good, not the greatest but good.

Overall, The Clouds Movie is a fun watch. It’s not the greatest movie out there but if you like animation movies with great story lines then this is a great movie to watch. The character development is great and the animation was nice. If you enjoy watching movies that are on the cloud then The Clouds Movie is definitely worth a watch.

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