The Clouds Movie Review

The Clouds Movie Review

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The movie The Clouds Movie is directed by David Fincher and written by him. The storyline is about a man who goes on a journey trying to find the source of all life. Along the way he meets a woman and begins to fall in love with her. While this is a fairly conventional storyline it does have some innovative elements that make this movie worth seeing.

One of the best things about The Clouds movie is the use of color. The colors are vibrant and are very appealing. The background of the clouds is done in a very blue and greenish tint, which really brings the depth and realism to the world that the film is trying to depict. While the colors do take away from the film in some areas, it really works when it needs to.

The story is entertaining and will keep most people amused. However, some people may feel a little lost while reading the synopsis. This is because there is not a lot of information given about the character that makes the clouds seem so mysterious. As such, the movie progresses but is only briefly touched upon. This is what makes it a bit slower paced than other movies with large casts of characters.

What I thought was missing from the story was some sense of spirituality. The entire movie is based around the idea of creation and God. It is one of the few movies that truly makes the spiritual theme clear. When the clouds begin to open up and reveal man’s soul, it is exciting to see this theme brought to life on the big screen. The message is powerful and many people have found it to be very comforting.

While the movie has one of the best futures scenario, it does end on a sour note. The reason for this is that the character that was left behind never really believed that life could be like that. While it was possible for him to have had a different outlook, he ultimately chose to go back home and deal with his problems there. The clouds however never seemed to have any answers for his problems.

Overall, The Clouds movie is a fun watch. Although the end seems a little bleak, it does provide a glimpse into the future and explains how man can enjoy the company of the clouds. For younger viewers, it might be too unrealistic to take all the depicted meanings seriously, but the movie is definitely worth a look. The great thing about The Clouds is that it is very easy to relate to in a basic sense. There is very little content within the movie that will cause any confusion, making it a very enjoyable viewing for all ages.

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