The Clouds Movie Review

The Clouds Movie Review

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The clouds movie has received a lot of attention from both the media and fans. Some have said it is one of the most beautiful movies ever filmed. It will definitely be on all the best list when awards are given out in Hollywood. So what is so great about the Clouds movie?

Well, for starters, director Dan Gilroy is an extraordinarily talented person. He has directed some very successful films such as the soon to be released Invictus. His first movie was also a hit, called The Girl with the Yellow Hair. It made him rise to fame, and eventually led to him getting nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director.

One of the things I love about Gilroy’s movies is his use of natural images and landscapes. For example, in the movie The Clouds Movie, there is a shot that shows a volcano eruption. The background is composed of tons of gray smoke clouds, which give the illusion that there is a volcano active beneath the green screen. This shot truly makes you feel like you are in the actual environment, as opposed to just watching a video animation on a computer monitor.

Another reason why The Clouds movie is so fantastic is because it utilizes a number of unusual subject matter. Usually movies only seem to dig into the clouds for scenery, but rarely do movies get to tell a story within the clouds. It is refreshing to see a movie that tells a story within the clouds. Clouds is a unique genre in that most movies don’t even try.

I think one of the reasons why The Clouds movie is so good is that it doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, the director spends a lot of time planning what he wants the clouds to look like. You can almost visualize the grandeur of the scenes in his mind. He wants them to be real, rather than digital.

No one has accused Gilroy of trying too hard in this movie. He uses simple photography techniques that result in beautiful images. His colors are rich and he knows how to use dark and light correctly within the clouds to make them work. In short, I would have to say that Gilroy is one of the best film photographers I’ve seen in recent years. If you haven’t seen The Clouds movie yet, I highly recommend it.

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