The Clouds Movie Review

The Clouds Movie Review

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There is a pretty decent chance that you have heard the name of Cloudy With Life and you might even know where it is coming from. The movie is directed by Greg Garcia and stars Nicholas Cage, Denholm Elliott, Michael Caine, Marilu Henner, Christopher Walken, and John Turturro. The storyline revolves around a father who has an experimental drug made from a fungus that he claims can cure Alzheimer’s patients. As you can imagine this drug is not very effective, so he needs to use the money for something better for his daughter.

He contacts an Alzheimer’s center that is run by his daughter’s friend. They find some documents that show that the father had made secret payments to an Alzheimer’s research facility. The papers reveal that his daughter made him promises to give this information to someone else if he does not get his share of the company profits. With this information the authorities of the Alzheimer’s center begin investigating the matter and track down the father.

One of the things I liked about the Clouds Movie is that there is a great deal of humor in the film. There are some comical moments in which people take the most ridiculous methods to accomplish their goals. When a storm arises one of the characters goes to the attic and gets a ladder so he can look out to the clouds. As he looks he sees clouds billowing out in the wind and realizes he should probably get an electrician to fix the power lines.

His daughter talks him out of trying to use the ladder because he will be hurt if he gets tangled up in the wires. A man in the basement overhears their conversation and decides to help him get his car out of the garage. Along the way he gets almost caught by the police because he forgot to put the key inside the car. They finally manage to get the ladder into the garage while the father is stuck on the roof trying to figure out a way to get to the ground safely. Then the daughter runs in and finds him, throws him down the stairs, and then storms off leaving him to die of exposure. This funny scene makes me laugh every time but clouds somehow manage to have a much better perspective in the end.

I also like how the clouds never seem to have a reason to stop shooting towards the sun. They simply stop shooting as soon as the clouds cover the earth so the father can safely walk to the ground without any risk. The clouds eventually do get to the ground but are so big and so heavy that they blow up in the air and fall to the earth causing people to trip over them.

Overall the movie is comical and entertaining and would be a good fit for children. It has a decent plot, some humorous one liners, and great special effects. If you enjoy movies that have explosions and flying objects this is one movie you might want to check out. It is certainly worth a look.

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