The Clouds Movie With Ryan Murphy Leads the Way

The Clouds Movie With Ryan Murphy Leads the Way

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The Cloud Movie is a release that makes the most of the technology behind virtual reality. The main characters are an architect and a psychologist who decide to design a virtual sky city called Cloud City. The idea is that we can live in a new city where we have complete control over the weather. This movie is directed by none other than Guy Laliso, who did the movie Finding Nemo.

In The Cloud Movie, we get to enjoy the first installment of a sci-fi movie that will most certainly be among the best-known and most talked about of its kind. The movie will certainly live up to expectations as it is designed with the hopes of creating a completely realistic experience. The use of virtual reality, audio, lighting and other such features work in harmony with the storyline to provide a truly spectacular experience for movie goers.

The story begins with a young woman named Max (Emma Watson) who lives in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. Max dreams frequently of flying and one night a vivid dream comes true when she meets a man in the clouds who asks her to marry him. The only problem is Max cannot remember the date or even remember ever having met this man in the clouds. He then disappears just as quickly as he came so she is left with a lot of unanswered questions.

Five years later, Max is approached by her own mother ( Anne Hathaway) who wants her to return to Cloud City in order to help her daughter adjust to life as an adult. With the help of her mother and a few others she is able to successfully move to the clouds where she lives and works as a architect. Things do not go well there and Max must learn to balance her desire to live out her dream while keeping her life and business running smoothly. The Cloud Movie is directed by Beau Willimon who also co-directed and produced the acclaimed movie Home for the holidays.

Willimon is very well known for his work on the Madagascar series and Brides. He has been hired by Disney to create a brand new virtual reality entertainment program that will be available on several different platforms including PlayStation, Xbox and other mainstream platforms in the future. No details have been released but the project is still in development and expected to be ready in 2021. If you are a huge fan of the Madagascar series then you should definitely check out The Clouds Movie which is based on the same characters and set in the same world. If you do not care for virtual reality gaming then you will not have a chance to enjoy this new and exciting video game.

I am sure many more animated movies will be produced based on or inspired by the Cloud and Weather Forecast video game. I am also expecting many more animated films and television shows that will make use of virtual reality technology in some way. In fact the very first scene of the movie Brain Academy uses a virtual reality platform to allow students to practice their speech and solve brain puzzles. This is just the beginning and I can expect many more amazing things in the future that we will be able to experience using this amazing technology. The future of media and virtual reality is coming and we can’t wait to see what it will bring our lives.

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