The Freaky Movie (Movie Review)

The Freaky Movie (Movie Review)

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The title says it all, “The Freaky Movie.” A comedy that has become one of the more memorable films of recent years (and it has been well received by critics as well), The Freaky Movie is about five guys who perform a pranks around the small town of Hillsboro, Oregon. If you have seen it, you know exactly what we are talking about. As you sit there and laugh at the funny scenes, we guarantee you will find yourself thinking about this film long after the credits roll.

Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, John Tutturro, and Jennifer Aniston all star in this cult classic. The movie itself is very short, but each character is funny in his or her own right. When the five friends go on their elaborate pranks, they are always caught by the local television station. When they finally get the satisfaction they want, the news report shows them doing their crimes again… and the movie becomes an instant classic. There are some standout moments that will stay with you long after the movie ends. If you enjoy watching movies about weirdos, then The Freaky Movie is a great choice.

Ben Stiller plays the lead role of David Kleinfeld, who plays Paul Gethlis, a smooth talking basketball player for the Oregon State University team. The movie begins with him playing a game of basketball in a park with his friends. While he is getting his team mates to stop calling him Dave, he gets stopped by the team trainer for not meeting the required physical requirements. David meets with Dr. Seuss, who tells him he does indeed have the talent for being a good basketball player, but he just needs to work on his acting skills. Dr. Seuss teaches him a few words, which include “Fringe”, as well as telling him to act like an animal and say things like, “ow” and “ah”.

It is said that most of the things that can be classified as freaky are true. In this movie, things like blood, guts, violence, and shock are present, but they are only portrayed in the most tasteful and appropriate way possible. The characters in the movie even go so far as to get their own tattoos. They also perform extreme body flairs that are truly amazing. Ben Stiller again plays the role of the smooth talking, and he shines in this movie, bringing out the whole “actor” part of him.

Jennifer Aniston and Billy Crystal both also play supporting roles in this movie. The music is also top notch. Ben Stiller once again proves to be a great leading man.

The Freaky Movie ranks right up there with the best of them. It is a great family friendly movie that your kids will enjoy. If you love fun, horror, and comedy all in one, then The Freaky Movie is definitely a must see movie.

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