The Freaky Movie (Movie Review)

The Freaky Movie (Movie Review)

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One of my all time favorite movies “Thefreak”, also known as “The People vs. ourced Murder” is a cult hit film which tells the story of two guys who witness a brutal execution and then try to save the victim from beingheaded. The trailer makes it look like the movie is straight out of the movies; it’s not. The movie is actually a spoof that takes Hollywood and creates a character that no one will take the time to stop and ask, are they really killing these people?

The movie starts out with a series of bizarre and unbelievable scenes as the main characters, Mike (Jonah Hill) and Tommy (Efren Ramirez) get off a bus in a small village and meet the locals. They are all smiles and cordial with a resident named Ralph (Bill Murray). Then it gets really weird as the two guys are attacked by a freakish-looking serial killer who they mistake for the town drunk. It doesn’t take long before they learn the killer is actually a deranged serial killer known as the Freaky Guy. From this point the movie just gets weirder.

The movie revolves around the central plot of a deranged serial killer who preys upon young women. Every woman he tries to rape and kill ends up dying or getting pregnant in the process. The only way to escape from him is for Mike and Tommy to travel to his home town of Highland, Colorado. There they must seek help from the local sheriff, Barney Burns (Philip Seymour Hoffman), and fight their way through a maze of freaky sights, smells and monsters to reach the man who is responsible for their troubles… So basically, the movie is a road movie condensed into a few hours of screen time, but it’s still a funny movie to watch. Plus, unlike many comedies, the actors aren’t over acting or trying too hard to be scary, which makes the movie more fun to watch.

One big reason that the movie works as a horror/comedy is because it takes itself so seriously. No one can believe that the main characters are actually insane. Sure the freaky guy is a lunatic who dresses in a purple suit and walks with a cane, but the fact that he’s completely oblivious to what he’s doing is what makes the film. In addition, the fact that there isn’t much comedy adds to the realism of the situation.

Overall, I’d recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good slasher film with a little humor. It doesn’t have the depth of some of the other more classic examples, but it’s a fun and entertaining movie nonetheless. If you enjoy watching movies that are a little surreal and dark, than I’d suggest checking out The Freaky Movie… You won’t be disappointed.

Note: The website where this movie was released has been unavailable for a while. You can check out the trailer on the site, but the real review is from our friends at Movie Arena. They gave the movie a solid thumbs up! So go see The Freaky Movie… you won’t be disappointed! See you in the future!

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