The Freaky Movie Review

The Freaky Movie Review

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A new film called “The Informant!” has been gaining rave reviews from critics across the country, and it has a lot to do with the performances of two important characters. In this film Michael Douglas plays David Kleinfeld, an informer who is fired from his job as an FBI agent after blowing the whistle on his own boss. He then flees across the country in an old bus he used to rob banks with. His driver coincidentally ends up picking up an informer who becomes his new partner in crime.

Kleinfeld’s driver is Eric Bana, played by Ed Norton. I won’t give too much away. You need to see the movie for yourself to see how great of a performance Norton provides. But, suffice it to say that he does a fantastic job of impersonating a number of different people. The guy in the striped shirt, the fedora-wearing blonde, the Irish terrorist, the morbidly obese guy – everyone seems to be great in this film.

Edward Herrmann also stars in this movie, playing Paul Danziger, a wealthy Jewish lawyer who is alsoassing quite the collection of booty. While some of the dialog is generic, especially in the beginning, the real star of the show is undoubtedly Edwards. He steals the show in every scene he’s in, and that includes the climax scene where he kills his intended victim with a samurai sword.

The story, as I see it, is about a nut case who gets a taste of power by targeting his enemies own families. It’s an odd sort of twist on the traditional self-defense movies we’ve seen over the years. Most of these movies involve some sort of surprise attack on the target from some unknown assailant who is always some distance away. This one, however, involves a character coming to the house of his enemies, randomly attacking them with a samurai sword, and then demanding they tell him their next targets. It’s thought that he may be using the information to start a series of attacks, and is perhaps even trying to frame other people for the attacks as well.

It was directed by Greg Garcia, who is also the guy who did Halloween Haunting and Hostel. My personal favorite of his is Necessary Evil. This movie has just as much creepy elements as any of the others he’s done, but just happens to be very much scarier. That’s part of the fun. There’s just something about how Greg sets his movies apart that makes them truly scary.

There are certainly more out there that you can watch. I recommend you start with the trailer for The Freaky Movie. You’ll be glad you did. And you’ll probably want to see the rest of his movies after that. They’re all great.

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