The Freaky Movie Review

The Freaky Movie Review

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It’s the little things that really make a movie fun to watch. When I saw You Among The Ruins, I had forgotten that this was actually the first British horror movie I had ever seen. The director, Leigh Boyden, knew this and treated it with great kid-friendly style. It’s still a damn good time when you watch it. In this case, a few minutes into the movie the weird little guys start creeping up on you!

The story follows two lovers, David (James Patterson) and Barbara (Sally Field). They are sitting on a beach at the end of the world, which is apparently called Earth X. Their conversation is non-stop and drifts into sex as the night goes on. Then one of them passes out and David, who is immediately concerned, takes him to the beach hospital. However, the doctors discover that it’s just a gas build up of carbon dioxide and oxygen in their blood, so they let them stay.

Now, don’t go thinking that this is a happy ending because the next day, David has a dream that he wakes up in a cabin in the woods and finds that everyone has gone except for him. There are three other survivors and one of them is a giant green insect. He then wakes up and finds that everyone is dead and that he has a message for Barbara… Unfortunately, he doesn’t get very much of information about her and just learns that she has a brother. This is where the true plot begins.

We soon find out that David has been captured by some creatures and taken back to Earth X. There he meets his newlywed wife, Vera (Lori Singer), who has already been waiting for him. After a brief fight with a couple of creatures, David manages to escape and races toward the door leading out of the building. What he doesn’t realize is that this door has been sealed shut behind him and he is now stuck inside the building. Things only get worse when Vera starts having feelings for him again, especially after he saves her from the creature that was eating her husband.

The freaky movie begins to take shape as the movie goes on and we learn more about Vera and David’s past. Eventually, David helps Vera escape from Earth X and they reunite. Here, we also learn that David has some sort of a psychic link with Vera and she can sense his intentions for her. Things go bad for David when he ends up being forced to kill Vera.

The plot eventually wraps up and we are left waiting for the next episode. What we do know is that a sequel to The Great Mouse Detective will be filming next year and will surely continue to entertain fans of this strange movie. The real intrigue here is how well director Tim Burton (who is most known for his film versions of dark Disney films) does this type of movie. It’s been said that it is very animated and that The Great Mouse Detective may very well live up to the expectations that people had for it.

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