The Freaky Movie Review – Find Out What’s Really Going On

The Freaky Movie Review – Find Out What’s Really Going On

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The Freaky Movie has become one of the most popular of the ‘found footage’ flicks. Starring Tom Selleck, John Turturro, and Meg Ryan, the film takes place in a small town in the Pacific Northwest inules. When a series of murders are caught on video, the local authorities, including an FBI agent, are called in to investigate the crime. Along with a local TV news team, they soon find that the victims were all related, and that this case is more than a bit eerie. Aided by a few other interesting characters (like the local sheriff), the investigation soon turns very physical. The name of the prime suspect is brought to the attention of the cops, who set out to get to the bottom of this monster before it’s too late…

The movie isn’t just about a murder mystery though. It’s also about how small towns in the United States have lost their sense of wonder. They seem to have lost track of everything, including their own existence. This leads to strange occurrences that are completely out of the ordinary for their community. Things just happen, and everyone is too busy trying to cope with the horror that is taking place around them to notice what’s really going on underneath the surface.

In some ways, The Freaky Movie (and the indie horror genre in general) is an expression of that American sense of wonder and disconnect with the rest of the world. These rural, home-based movies (most of which are set in the 1800s or earlier) are a commentary on our lack of technological innovation and how we’re content to let machines take over so we can go back to a simpler time. Selleck plays the role of a local news anchor, reporting on the various odd occurrences that he records with his video camera. One of the recurring scenes features Selleck’s character investigating the supposedly haunted house that his team stumbled into.

As you might expect, found footage in a horror film is pretty cut and dried. Lots of gore, lots of jump scares, lots of weird things happenings, but there’s usually little in the way of explanation as to what’s going on. The camera pans from one room to another, showing eerie reflections off of unsuspecting victims, before cutting to a brief shot of the killer himself in the act. You get the feeling that this guy doesn’t care what he’s doing, and in most instances, he doesn’t even care whether or not anyone gets killed or not. That’s a pretty scary image to be painted of a serial killer… but it’s also one of the most effective.

Once the discovery of The Freaky Movie has been made, the movie has been banned in many schools (including my own, thankfully), but it hasn’t lost its popularity amongst the public. Maybe it’s because the found footage looks so real. Or maybe it’s simply because they don’t believe there could be any secret messages in a movie. Regardless, it’s still incredibly fun to experience, regardless of whether or not there’s any truth to it at all.

I’m not sure if The Freaky Movie is actually real… but it’s probably more real than you think. It just seems too real to be fake, somehow. Maybe this’mystery’ will be uncovered one day when the FBI finally finds some real proof that this film is in fact real… and then everyone can go back to enjoying this hilarious and entertaining slasher flicks once again! Until then, enjoy The Freaky Movie, because it’s a blast… and it’s definitely worth the time spent finding out what’s really going on.

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