The Freaky Movie Review – Starring John Turturro and Anne Hathaway

The Freaky Movie Review – Starring John Turturro and Anne Hathaway

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The Freaky Movie is a 1980 French horror comedy directed by French director Luc Jacquet. The film depicts a small town in the French countryside where the dead are turning into zombies. The little boy who runs away from home is pursued by three vampires. The little boy must travel with his friend to fight the vampires, and the townsfolk. The movie has become popular in American culture, but was made rather ironically, as it deals with the very French notions of cleanliness and virtue.

In the French rural community of Dijon, the population has dwindled. The once beautiful white picket fence that once hid poor immigrants has been torn down, and replaced by a chain-link fence. Since the people have all but disappeared, a new system of road lighting has been installed, but the problem is that not only does the light keep on bouncing off the nearby bushes, but the car headlights used to fuel it only illuminate the tops of the bushes.

The townsfolk often find themselves drinking blood or eating the flesh of the recently dead. When a young woman is bitten and starts to bleed heavily from a fresh wound, a mob of vampires sets upon her. They strip her of her clothes, feed on her body, and use her body as a means to get back at her family. A priest is able to identify one of them, but the vampire’s teenage son remains a mystery to authorities. He manages to escape to America, but not before he lets a group of school children know where he is. This leads to a series of unfortunate events.

The townspeople soon figure out that the vampire is responsible for their deaths. He goes on a killing spree, killing anyone and everyone in his path. A crazed and deranged gentleman captures the sole survivor of one of the attacks, Elle (Anne Hathaway), and tries to offer her a choice: to eat her own blood or to become a vampire. She refuses to become a monster and instead feeds herself to a giant sea monster. The monster grows and devours her, but she is saved by a priest, Bobby (James Belushi).

The rest of the film follows Bobby and Elle’s struggle against the vampire and their quest to save each other. Eventually, the couple finds the monster, which has been growing inside Elle for some time, and kills it. With the help of Bobby and a few others, Elle develops the ability to transform into a vampire. While she does this, she is pursued by an even more evil vampire, Vampiresucker (John Turturro), who has also been transformed into a monster.

The whole movie is quite fun to watch. Some of the special effects are a little over the top, but they make up for it in the special moments. Belushi does an excellent job of playing the character of Vampiresucker, and the other characters are entertaining as well. Overall, it’s a great film that just about anybody can enjoy. Just don’t forget to add “Halloween” to your vocabulary next time you watch it.

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