The Freaky Movie Review

The Freaky Movie Review

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If you have a fetish for all things bizarre, you’ll love The Freaky Movie. Directed by Greg Garcia, this low-budget film is a fun and entertaining way to explore the darker side of our culture. This movie was released in 1997, long after the rest of mainstream America had fallen asleep, but it manages to be just as relevant today as it was back then. This is a fast-paced, thrilling ride that’s perfect for those who don’t like their horror flicks very slow or dark.

The lead character is named Frank, and he is a widower recovering from an accident in his last days. He returns home to his childhood home, which has changed into a strange and very freaky place. He lives alone, and works out of his basement. He also engages in strange, and often forbidden, sexual activities with his teenage daughter, Amber. These actions earn him the respect of a group of other weirdos, who spend their time huddling around the television, and engaging in strange rituals.

It’s the weirdos that keep The Freaky Movie running along, because they are drawn to the house and its resident oddities. There is John Turturro playing the title role, and he turns in one of the most convincing performances I’ve ever seen in a horror movie. His character isn’t the only odd member of the community, however. There’s also Debra Hill as the headmistress, and I couldn’t help loving how she terrorized her students with her deadlocking powers.

Garcia does a good job of creating a feeling of paranoia for the viewer. We aren’t sure who or what is really living in this strange house, and that uncertainty adds to the tension. Most horror films could use a bit more atmosphere, but The Freaky Movie doesn’t really reach that point.

The animation quality is fairly decent. The computer generated effects used for the characters of the movie look nice, but some of them are a little unrealistic. I guess it depends on the artist’s sense of style, but most of the creatures look more like cartoons than real people. The special effects are fun though, and that makes The Freaky Movie worth watching just for that alone. The blood effects are especially entertaining.

Overall, The Freaky Movie is a fun and entertaining horror movie that will probably leave most of us with a few impressions. The characters are freaky and interesting, and the overall atmosphere is very dark and creepy. The story is probably worth watching just for that atmosphere, but the rest should be enjoyed just for the animation and the oddity of the creatures. If you like horror movies, you should definitely try The Freaky Movie. It’s not a great horror movie, but it’s a fun one.

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