The Girls of Boom

The Girls of Boom

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As teenage boys go, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are at the height of their popularity. Ecstatic when their parents leave for vacation for just a couple of days, high school junior Joel Goodsen (Goodman) crashes out with his new friend Miles. After an unsuccessful attempt at securing the service of a hooker, Joel purchases a beautiful, innocent blond named Lana (Revett Tyllenhaal). Stunned by the quantity of money she brings in the first day of their business, Joel launches her into his own dangerous brothel.

But before the tables can turn, the authorities show up and the pair are taken into custody. Confused and angry, Joel cannot fathom how he has gotten himself into this situation. Searching for answers, he gets help from a pair of new friends, Ava and Ruth. Arriving at a small, rural women’s shelter, they find a suspicious looking call girl working there. Enraged, they pursue the woman into the dangerous streets of prostitution where they learn that the clientele includes both men and minor children.

Meanwhile, back at school, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are reunited after spending the summer months at summer camp. Reunited with their school buddy Miles ( DHARMA), the two eagerly plan their return trip to Boston. Unfortunately, their planned outing is cut short when the car that Ava and Ruth were driving crashes into the woods. Before they can get out, however, they are surrounded by strange men in masks who force them into the dark.

Forced to perform a sex act on each other, the girls are left with no choice but to perform others as well, often against their better judgment. Meanwhile, the boys learn the perils of “street dealing” from a pimp named Rico. As the days go by, the tension between the innocent Hannah and dangerous Neo-noir Max rises, and with it, the dangerous business connections and back-room deals that define the high-end brothels of Baidu, the city of China Beach, and the beachfront apartments of San Francisco’s Chinatown.

When the dust clears, the women find themselves stranded on a small island where no one knows them. Charming and beautiful, the blonde beauty of the lead character, Rebee, and her Chinese American boyfriend, Rico, quickly become immersed in the lives of the few people on the island: Tom Cruise, the rich playboy who owns a club on the side; his ex-girlfriend, played by the incredibly beautiful blonde Jane Watson; and Max, who is being forced to work at the brothel for the rest of his life by his cruel boss. With help from the friendly homeless guy, played by David Hyde Pierce, the girls begin to learn that love can be strong enough to overcome all the risks that come with being involved in this risky business. While other dramas like Sex and the City have shown us what true love can be through romantic scenes that take place off-screen, The Girls of Boom show us what love is like when it isn’t the chosen love of one person, but every girl for herself.

Even if you haven’t seen the movie, The Girls of Boom is worth watching just to see how much the actresses and David Hyde Pierce can do in terms of acting. This movie just keeps getting better, taking us into another era of Hollywood glamour, where good girls do bad things and only the best girl is shown. And while the storyline is incredibly interesting, the lead characters remain absolutely charming. If you want something exciting that is different from what you’re used to watching, watch The Girls of Boom. It’s a risky business, but you’ll definitely leave the theatre thinking about it later.

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