The Importance of Wearing Blazers

The Importance of Wearing Blazers

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When looking at the colloquial terminology to describe business casual dress it can be easy to get confused and many people do. Broadly speaking business casual dress codes refer to any situation where a businessperson or executive might be seen in the office or at the shopping mall engaging in any sort of socially acceptable conduct. It can mean the difference between casual and formal wear. It can even apply to the way you are dressing when you are out with your co-workers or friends. In fact it applies to the way you dress at any given time. It is something that has to be thought about carefully before you decide how to wear business casual.

Broadly speaking business casual dress codes involve wearing of a jacket or blazer of some sort, a pair of jeans or khakis, or a dress shirt and trousers. Business casual is usually a very ambiguous term as it is normally considered to be casual wear but with clever elements such as a proper white-collar workplace suit, borrowed for white-collar jobs. But business casual can also mean any sort of relaxed and comfortable clothing which might be appropriate for a more casual occasion. In fact many clothing for business casual is deliberately designed in this way so that employees feel more comfortable and less stiff. These days you will find that there are also many clothing stores that specialise in providing clothing items which are suitable for this type of business casual attire.

However, although this form of business casual attire is suitable for more relaxed occasions, it should not be used at anything other than the most casual of pursuits and jobs. For example, it would be totally inappropriate to wear a t-shirt and jeans to a job interview as this would almost certainly make you look under qualified and rather silly. Even though it is perfectly acceptable to wear a button down shirt under a business suit, a top should never be worn with a pair of slacks. If the only thing that you ever wear for work is a t-shirt and jeans, then you should ensure that it is an appropriate one which isn’t too dressy.

So what is business casual means anyway? Well, depending on where you are you will have various variations. In many offices, for example, business casual means business suit trousers, a white and blue or black blouse, and conservative shoes. This attire is suitable for a workplace but is certainly not appropriate for going out for lunch or a night out. If you work in an office and need to dress this way to look formal, you should probably consider taking your top off and wearing a sweater or even a cardigan underneath.

If you are taking your office attire to a lunch date, then it is acceptable to wear a nice dress but remember that you need to wear nice jeans so as to maintain the business casual look. At a night out it is highly acceptable to wear a more fashionable outfit but you should remember that unless you are at a club or bar, it is usually not advisable to wear dressy clothing to a night out. So what is business casual attire all about? It is basically the attire that you would wear if you are meeting clients face to face or if you are attending a conference. Most people use business casual attire because it is casual and therefore it is comfortable to wear.

For instance, you can think of business casual blazers as being similar to a pair of jeans. They come in various colours but the key is to make sure that you choose one that is both cool and appropriate for the occasion. The blazer is an excellent choice for both evening wear and a casual day out. You can get a blazer in any colour including grey, blue, black, white, red, green and much more.

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